Tweet This: Techmeme Sources Twitter for Story Tips

Nov 09, 2009 · 1 min read
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Gabe Rivera continues to humanize TechMeme, his news sourcing and aggregation dashboard with the inclusion of Twitter tips. Previously, he announced the hiring of Megan McCarthy as editor to bring a human touch to the news rotation.

Gabe commented, “Often there are Techmeme readers aware of great stories that have fallen through the cracks, or are taking too long to appear on Techmeme. So I’ve long wanted to enable news tips, but the question remains: how best to receive them? Though forms or a special email address might work, today we begin by receiving tips over Twitter”

To send a tip, include “Tip @Techmeme” in the tweet and include a URL and part of the headline.

Tips will be processed automatically and manually. If you were the first person to tip Techmeme about a story url, your Twitter ID will be credited on the homepage of Techmeme – if the story is posted. The credit will appear beneath the posted headline, after “Discussion” links.

See this example from@noahkagan: