TripsGuard is a website like so many others that have been born from the extraordinary situation the world is currently experiencing due to the coronavirus. This one in particular is dedicated to collecting information about the different travel restrictions that exist in more than 80 countries around the world.

The site has an interactive map that allows you to select different regions to know the current situation in terms of borders, restrictions, rules and quarantine information for travelers.

Where can we travel?

TripsGuard also allows you to write the name of a country you plan to travel to, or even navigate between countries according to their current border situation: those with closed borders, those with partially open borders, and those where you can travel freely (very, very few).

Once you have selected a country you will find all sorts of useful information ranging from rules on the use of masks, to the quarantine days required of arriving travellers, to restrictions on public transport and restaurants, businesses, bars, attractions, etc.

They also show information on the total number of cases and deaths in each country. TripsGuard is a useful resource for those who need to travel for some reason, or are already thinking about leaving the country when the borders begin to open.

However, it is important to note that, as they themselves warn, their information may not be 100% accurate, as they obtain data from multiple sources (which they cite in each country section). They ask that users always do additional research to check everything before making plans. For example, the Spain page says that the use of masks is only recommended, and remember that it is now mandatory in enclosed spaces and on the public highway.