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Once the COVID-19 situation has stabilized in several countries, there is renewed hope for recovery in the tourism sector. The opening of borders, the end of confinement and the return to normality have given encouragement to many of the businesses that depend on the millions of travelers who each year leave their homes to visit new places and see the world.

For all those who live intensely the experience of knowing other cultures and landscapes, the Tripdiem application has been created. Under the slogan “Sharing the World”, this startup from the city of Madrid seeks to give the traveling community a place to go to share their opinions and relevant information about accommodation, monuments or places.

The app available for Android, and soon for IOs, aims to allow all its users to interact from a comfortable and organized platform, leaving a record of their experiences, indications or recommendations. At the same time, the simplicity of its interface is intended to allow the planning and forecasting of trips and routes in a simple way from any place with internet access.

“The experiences of each person can be different and knowing them makes us better informed when undertaking a trip,” say its creators in a statement. “Tripdiem aims to encourage interaction among the travel community around the world to create an environment where information can be shared about the hobby that unites us.

Organize a trip to suit you The growing travel community that floods the social networks with publications about their adventures and discoveries did not until now possess a specific platform where they could share their passion with other amateur tourists. Now, thanks to Tripdiem, the good planning of a plan or escape can be based on solid and truthful information, based on the opinions of other people who passed through the places we seek to visit.

In addition to all the above, the app seeks that users with the same profile, tastes or concerns have their own spaces and search engines. To promote cultural integration, to weave participative networks of contacts and to take into consideration the special needs of each type of traveler are part of the main objectives of Tripdiem.

The Tripdiem application is available from Google Play and registering as a user is as simple as in any other social network, allowing the creation of a profile tailored to our needs with photography, basic information and interests. Once inside the platform, we can access the basic sections: “Publications”, “Trips” and “Reviews”, each with its specific purposes and secondary options perfectly organized.

The network system that the interface has is also one of its potentials. These spaces with different themes can be used by their users according to their needs or interests of the moment. For the moment, the website has 10 sections that will be increased in the future: “Backpackers”, “Vegan Travel”, “Travelling with Pets”, “Low-cost Travel and Discounts”, “Travelling with Children”, “Solo Travel”, “Cultural and Language Exchanges”, “Volunteering and Solidarity Travel”, “Students and International Mobility” and “Weddings, Farewells and Honeymoons”.

From Madrid to the rest of the world The Tripdiem project was born from an idea of its CEO, Mostafá Maelanin, a graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Alicante and an amateur tourist. On the other hand, his partner Alejandra Martín Martín, graduated in Political Science and Sociology at the University Carlos III of Madrid, also passionate about travel, holds the position of CMO.

From this team arises the creation of a startup whose main values are innovation, interculturality, diversity, community, participation and passion for travel.

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