Tonal, which develops a workout system that uses AI to personalize training, raises $110M from L Catterton and others Follow Sep 17, 2020 · 3 mins read
Tonal, which develops a workout system that uses AI to personalize training, raises $110M from L Catterton and others
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According to TechCrunch, the home fitness startup Tonal announced today that it has raised an additional $110 million. The latest round of funding includes existing investor L Catterton and new names, including Delta-v Capital, Amazon’s Alexa Fund and Mousse Partners, along with athletes Stephen Curry, Paul George, Michelle Wie and Bobby Wagner. The round brings the Bay Area-based company’s total funding up to $200 million.

What is Tonal?

This digital exercise program is all the gym you need to get in shape. Completely intelligent, it calculates the strength of the exercise and offers advice through a digital personal trainer.

There’s no need to have a room to compile bars, dumbbells or records to get in shape. These devices are a thing of the past for Tonal, the company that has developed “the world’s smartest fitness system,” or so the Silicon Valley-based firm describes itself. With Tonal, everything fits on one screen. Digital display that sets your daily routine

Like a mirror hanging on the wall, Tonal has hidden hundreds of combinations of sports boards to work different muscles of the body. Every time the screen is turned on, an interface appears in which the user must choose a program and objectives. The program then develops a personalized routine led by a virtual coach who offers advice, motivation and, of course, feedback on progress. And most important of all, this product has an intelligent electromagnetic resistance dumbbell technology whose weight is virtually regulated. In other words, there is no need to add weight to the work, Tonal does it for you.

The user can mark the program he or she wants to carry out and grab the two dumbbells that hang from the extendable arms on the sides of the screen.

To start up, the user only has to mark the program he wants to carry out and grab the two handles that hang from the extendable arms on the sides of the screen, which will act as the weights and whose weight will vary according to the routine marked. These digital weights consist of an electromagnetic motor controlled by an intelligent algorithm and two adjustable arms that protrude from the screen. This algorithm allows the device itself to adjust the weights: can’t you finish a repetition? Tonal knows this and will reduce the weight to complete the exercise.

Tonal is specially designed for those who enjoy doing sports on their own, at any time and without having to go out to the gym, and who want to make sure they follow a proper routine. “Few people take the time to find the right program for their goals, know how much weight to lift or know when to adjust that weight up or down,” explains Kelly Savage, CEO of the brand. “Tonal has revolutionized these and many other aspects of training, with full-body programs incorporating strength, flexibility and intervals. It all depends on what the user is looking for, just choose the type of program desired. Each one of them is designed by experts and includes exercises for the whole body. There are programs to increase muscle, improve flexibility or simply stay in shape. At all times the system tracks the progress made and also recommends the appropriate weights, remembering previous records and suggesting routines that will help achieve new goals.

Working standing, sitting, lying down… There are infinite configurations of the adjustable arms located on the sides of the screen. By moving its height, Tonal reproduces all the weight machines that allow you to work legs, arms, shoulders, back, core and chest. In addition, the company has developed accessories such as the bench, the roller or the rope that can be connected to Tonal for more complete exercises.

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