Today we want to talk to you about the super famous Tim Ferriss or with his first name Timothy Ferriss. He is a multifaceted writer, popular for his great knowledge in motivational speaking, as well as for his famous blogs.

He is also an excellent tango dancer and a great philanthropist. He became known for his best seller La Semana De 4 Horas De Trabajo, a book he wrote shortly after graduating from college.

All that is known about this hard-working writer was after the aforementioned book, but little has been said about his beginnings. Here you will find extensive information about this famous writer, as well as his most important works and what they have meant throughout the world, don't stop reading.

Who is Tim Ferriss?

Timothy Ferriss was born in Southampton, New York on July 20, 1977. His childhood was spent in a normal way, as a conventional child, until he was an exchange student with a school in Japan. This experience changed his perception of life completely.

In later years, thanks to an excellent admission test, Tim was accepted to Princeton University, where he graduated in 2000 with a degree in Asian Studies. Timothy is definitely an icon for anyone who wants to start new businesses, ventures and new projects.

A Best Seller was the beginning of his success

Tim Ferriss is basically known for his literary work The 4 hour work week, which was translated into several languages. With it being distribued worldwide, reaching first place in sales, as evidenced by one of the most important newspapers in New York.

The college graduate from Princeton, moved after finishing his studies to San Francisco, where he worked in a data storage company as a sales executive. There he noticed for the first time that he was working too hard to get paid.

Still working in the same place and motivated by a desire to excel professionally, Timothy Ferriss, started his own online business, starting with a nutritional products company. In this venture, the star was BodyQuick, a stimulating memory product that was a resounding success. The company was then sold in 2010 to a firm in London.

Thus began the ascent of this entrepreneur who has achieved gigantic triumphs, investments and projects. But, in addition, he is known as the best tango dancer, in fact, he won the Guinness record for having given the most laps of Argentine tango in a minute.

Books by Timothy Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is characterized by being an excellent writer and after having undertaken his first business, having sold it in London and with it obtaining a little experience, he began to enter the world of literature, achieving great success. Some of his works that became number one in the bookstores of New York are

The 4 hour work week

In this wonderful book Ferriss shows ways to redistribute time so that you can have a quiet life. One of the essential guidelines he recommends in this issue are

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Delegate some activities
  • Creating self-sustaining businesses

In short, to use techniques and tools that allow to reach the success in an efficient way. Without a doubt, this reading will serve as a fundamental guide to properly manage your time and be a successful entrepreneur.

The perfect body in 4 hours

In this book, Tim tells us about a lifestyle that can be undertaken to improve general health and well-being. He mentions diets, exercises and important routines to maintain a healthy and calm life, applying really simple techniques at the moment of exercising, such as the phrase "less is more", which refers to not doing a maximum of exercises, but having the right measure.

Health is essential in the process of conquering success, that is why it is interesting how Tim Ferriss with this book can influence your well-being, not only from the business and financial point of view, but also from the physical aspect.

The Chef in 4 hours

This is the third part of this best seller. Here he mentions self-realization, self-improvement and learning new things through cooking. It was intended for all those people who don't buy cookbooks, but it was the number one seller in New York bookstores.

The examples it mentions there have delighted many people who, like you, are in search of the tools to help them grow in all aspects.

Popular Phrases by Timothy Ferriss

For every literary person it is important to leave a mark on their path, something that makes them important and remembered through time. In Tim's case you can say that these are the phrases he has left in his books and that have been of great help to his readers.

Tim Interview cjLIVE

From the fear of water to being passionate about swimming?
Although as a child he was very afraid of water, today this sport has become one of his greatest passions. This shows that even though there are many obstacles, the real barriers that can stop you are in you. This is how you can take the example and overcome your fears and prejudices to fulfill your dreams.

Hobbies of Timothy Ferriss

One of the most outstanding hobbies of this successful writer is definitely dancing. He has practiced tango until reaching international championships, becoming part of the Guinness Records.

And, believe it or not, this character is also passionate about martial arts, playing drums and cooking.

Definitely, this facet of Tim Ferriss makes us realize that overcoming fears is possible. Also, he leaves us with the teaching that stereotypes are just something that is in the mind. Being passionate about books and technology does not mean that you are not an excellent dancer or that you cannot become good at sports.

Learn faster with Timothy Ferriss' method

As a strategy for rapid learning and time utilization, Tim Ferriss has implemented techniques for faster learning. The Ferriss method describes it as DiSSS, being an acronym for Deconstruction, Selection, Sequence and Stakes, which has the meaning of Consequences. To explain it better, we detail what each one consists of.


At the time of deconstruction, take into account the basic elements that define what you want to learn and organize them.


In the selection, classify the content with the 20% that will give you better results in your learning, taking as a rule that 20% generates 80% of good results.


As for the sequence, it organizes the selected material to study in an orderly and correct way. The question you should ask is where will you start?


Establish rewards and punishments, in order to keep you on track in the learning process. Consider learning a game and keep up the enthusiasm.

What Tim Ferriss teaches us with his experience and knowledge is to remember that you are the maker of your own destiny. That is why you should not waste opportunities and experiences like this for your professional, physical, intellectual and financial growth.


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