Tim Berners Lee launches Inrupt to regain control of data

new.blicio.us Follow Nov 09, 2020 · 2 mins read
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Tim Berners-Lee, recognized worldwide as the father of the World Wide Web, launched a new platform for his Solid service with the premise that users will once again have control over their data, one of the most valuable assets in the virtual world and the focus of debate today.

The project that Berners-Lee has worked on for several years is called Solid (Social Linked Data) and to promote it around the world he has created a start-up that he has named Inrupt.

The British computer scientist, one of the most recognized voices in the debate on the role of technologies in the lives of human beings in the 21st century, is advancing a project with which he plans to protect user data from the power of the technological giants.

The project on which Berners-Lee has worked for several years is called Solid (Social Linked Data) and to promote it worldwide he has created a start-up that he has named Inrupt.

The company now offers a platform dedicated to companies, which is now being implemented by the British National Health Service (NHS), the official communications agency BBC, NatWest Bank or the government of the Flemish region of Belgium.

Inrupt points out that the “NHS is empowering patients with their own medical data to improve people’s health and reduce care costs.

“The government of Flanders is about to demonstrate that Solid can transform a whole citizen’s experience,” said

This project, which is co-lead by John Bruce, who serves as executive director, will focus on users, allowing them to know not only where their data will be stored but how and which people have access to it.

The Spanish newspaper El País points out that, as part of the expansion of this service at the corporate level, Inrupt introduced a type of container for personal information in the cloud, which will be managed by each user with a type of key to decide who has access to the data and the portion available.

“Our pilot partners have already begun using this technology to build new products and services that were previously impossible; those that really benefit their users.

Now, the same opportunity is open to organizations around the world,” said John Bruce, the company’s executive director, in a statement. The entrepreneur recalled that just over two years ago he wrote about the “new world of opportunity” that would catalyze Inrupt and about the growing appetite for Solid, which “can free us from suffocating data silos and create a ‘blank slate for innovation.

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