This project allows you to track Starlink’s satellites Follow Jun 03, 2020 · 1 min read
This project allows you to track Starlink’s satellites
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The media has been talking for years about Starlink, Elon Musk’s initiative to build a global internet network with thousands and thousands of satellites, and in May last year the start of this project became a reality with the launch of the first sixty satellites into space.

Since then, SpaceX has been putting into orbit groups of these satellites that, fortunately for the most curious, can be seen with the naked eye at night from certain parts of the planet for a few days.

And how can we know when to look at the sky according to where we are? With websites as practical as:

To use simply log on to the site, search for your location either by country and city or by coordinates and hit the Find visible times button.

The site will provide us with the information about the next occasions when we will probably be able to see the satellites of the Starlink project from our position. Please note that these are not absolutely specific times or dates because, as they warn, the orbit changes often and without notice, so the calculations may not have been updated immediately.

Furthermore, the visibility of Elon Musk satellites -and of others that we can also see looking for their passage from other sites like this one- is influenced by many decisive factors so that these artifacts that swarm through space reflect enough sunlight to shine and be seen.

If you are lucky and manage to see it, you will love the experience. It is not often that you can look out and see a succession of bright spots moving in the sky.

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