This Company’s Drone Can Haul Up to 10 Kilograms

Sep 02, 2020 · 1 min read
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Consumer drones are increasingly being used for more tasks, most of them associated with photography and video, surveillance, sensors, or transporting cargo that is placed at the source or destination. But drones are becoming more sophisticated, and are required for more precise tasks. That is why Prodrone has created DRORIA, a drone equipped with two robotic arms to take things.

The advantage of this new tool is obvious: it is no longer necessary to load the drone from a source. It can fly to a destination, and take the load in flight anywhere. This is immensely useful in rescue work, transportation in dangerous places, delivery of medicines or other objects.

This drone’s hands are not only designed to pick things up. They can also cut and join wires, operate levers, turn wheels or keys, throw life preservers into a pool, pick up hazardous materials, and much more.