Thinking of Making an Indie Game Startup? Follow Apr 19, 2020 · 5 mins read
Thinking of Making an Indie Game Startup?
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If you’re a person that is passionate about creating something fun and interesting, and you have enough knowledge about programming and design, perhaps you’ve considered having an Indie Game Startup so you can start making money with your ideas.

This is a great business and it has proven to be profitable, but there are some aspects that you have to think through before starting your gaming studio, so you don’t get disappointed half-way and you can have success.

Game development is a business

One of the mistakes that most creators make is that they think that it’s enough with designing a good game to get millions of dollars, and they don’t consider the process that you need to do to get there.

The truth is that, as well as with other design and art careers, game development should be handled as a business if you want to be successful.

It’s not just about designing a game, you have to follow several steps to create a solid business with it and to receive the money that you need to continue running your startup and to make profits.

Aspects you should consider

If you’re serious about having your Indie Game Startup then you have to follow the advice to have a solid business, so you can make a living with your passion and with what you love to do.

Design and art are not everything

As mentioned before, the mistake that most business owners make is that they think that a good game is all that you need to make money, but this is not the case, and when they don’t understand this, they make their game studio to fail.

If you’re in the game industry is because you like to design video games and that it’s great, but you need to know that you must do some other things that you might not like as much, but that is completely necessary to your business.

One of the most creative and fun jobs there are is being a game developer, and you can enjoy what you do, but this will not make you earn money. What will make you earn money is to have a solid business strategy and a plan.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a tie and have a strict schedule; you just have to prioritize the most important tasks so you don’t have any pending issues.

Even though you just have a startup and you’re just starting to work in your game, you have to consider all the legal aspects so you don’t have any troubles in the future.

The first thing you need to do to have a successful company is to clarify the ownership and put legal bases to your work, especially if you’re working with other people and you have employees.

The best is if you consult a lawyer to make contracts with the employees working with you, so everything can be clear in terms of money since the very first start.

Also, there are some legal aspects that you need to cover if you’re planning on growing as a game studio, so it’s better if you do it now that you have time. You can register your company since this will help you in the future, in case you’re planning to get some investors or perhaps some funding.

Turn it into a profession

Making video games as a hobby is very different from doing it as a profession, and this is something that you have to know to have a successful business.

You have to be very serious about what you’re planning to do with your game studio, and you can’t see it as a hobby or something to do in your spare time if you’re expecting to make money from it.

To be a professional video game developer you need to have some skills that go way beyond just programming and designing. You need to be committed to your business; this is the only way that you’re going to be able to reach success.

Creating a good game is not enough to have a solid business, you have to work on your communicational skills, your managerial skills, and everything related to being a professional business owner.

Have a target audience

Another aspect you should consider if you’re planning to have your indie game startup is that you need to have a target group so you can design your game with that in mind.

You need to focus on a specific target so you can design your game aimed at that group of people. If you’re considering designing a game for a determinate demographic, then you should evaluate what they want and what are their needs, so you can create something that is appealing to them.

You aim to reach a wide audience but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to design a game aimed for everybody because you won’t have success and your game probably fail.

Think about what your target is expecting from your game, and you start developing your idea from there. You should also listen to your supporters to test what isn’t working.

In this stage, you’ll probably receive a lot of criticism, but you just need to filter them and take what will work. Don’t make it too limited, but don’t go too extreme by trying to make it for everybody. This requires a lot of marketing analysis.

Time and planning are important

Once you start taking things seriously you’ll see that some aspects need your attention, besides developing the game.

This is why you need to manage your time appropriately so you can run your business successfully. Having a solid plan is highly important to organize your business, and this plan should include everything, from your working time to the time you’re going to invest in doing market research and networking.

Remember that having an indie game startup is a process that takes time, planning, and a lot of effort, so don’t give up easily.

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