During these weeks the physical world has taken a back seat. On a business level, 71% of online retailers have taken specific measures to deal with the health crisis, and 65% believe they will have to cease their activity due to the latest extension of the isolation measures. These are data from the survey conducted by Prestashop, a platform for creating an online store and developing any business on the Internet. It joins the movement #restartfromhome to save the small business through the Internet.

Since its launch in April, more than 1,000 companies have joined the initiative, which aims to help especially SMEs and small businesses, most affected by the measures against the virus. Through a Facebook group, Prestshop offers free guidance from experts and different professionals in the sector to launch an online store and generate traffic covering the main needs.

Reasons to create the page; step by step for video editing; Digital Marketing (traffic generation); Market Places (Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress); Customer Service System or ideas to progressively improve the whole purchase process. In this way they hope to minimize the economic impact on these companies and encourage their recovery.

By strengthening and transforming their digital channel, the platform hopes that these businesses will minimize the economic and productive damage caused by confinement. "E-commerce can help you, in an agile way, not to keep products in stock and, as soon as normality is re-established, become an additional channel to acquire new clients and retain the current ones", explains Jorge González, Country Manager of Prestashop in Spain.

The Prestashop study has analyzed 1,600 merchants in France, Italy and Spain. Its results help to understand and evaluate the impact of Covid19 related measures in this sector of activity. For example, the survey reveals that 69% of retailers think that the quality of their services has deteriorated due to isolation. Furthermore, 35% will boost their e-commerce website activity in the coming weeks and believe that communication is the most contemplated growth tool.

For Gonzalez it is essential to invest in the creation of the platform. However, it is also important to have a budget to generate traffic (digital marketing) and to serve the customer. "Investments in digital are medium term (between 1 and 3 years) and it is important to invest in a staggered way to create contents that provide constant traffic," he says.


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