The reason they can close your TikTok account

Aug 21, 2020 · 1 min read
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TikTok has released a news release revealing the banning of more than 1,300 accounts, more than 380,000 videos and 64,000 comments for the implementation of new policies.

In this release, issued on Thursday August 21st in TikTok’s news section, the company makes it clear that they are working to eliminate all hate-related content. The measure takes effect if any of these issues are mentioned.
Hate speeches, behaviors, and groups are being removed from TikTok

The news, chaired by Eric Han, head of security at TikTok USA, reiterates the policy of zero tolerance against hateful and racially motivated groups, behaviour and speech. Comments and content on male supremacy, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and slavery will also be removed from the platform.

Although these actions have resulted in the removal of nearly 400K videos, 1,300 accounts and up to 64,000 comments since the beginning of 2020, the app makes it clear that this is not 100% of the content present on the social network. The aim of this is to protect the race, religion, gender, gender identity and national origin of all people present on it.

On the other hand, the app has improved its search engine to make it more difficult for its users to find hate-related content. Instead, they will recommend more cheerful and positive accounts and videos. As an example, if any user searches for “heil Hitler or groyper”, the platform will recommend its guidelines or refrain from displaying the related content.

Without a doubt, this is another news related to the TikTok algorithm, a tool that has already been in the focus worldwide for making videos of ugly, fat or poor people less relevant as we discussed in this article. We will see how this and other issues related to the app progress.