Mar 02, 2020 · 1 min read
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Talksub is a social networking platform where you can share content and have discussions based on topics of your interest.


Talk freely without mods

On other discussion platforms such as Reddit, mods have full control over content. As their community grows, mods become abusive of their power and delete posts and comments based on their own personal taste.

On Talksub, there are no communities or mods. You can freely express your opinion without worrying about your content getting removed.

Tag topics to your post

Discussions on Talksub are centered around topics, not communities. Topics can be created by anyone but are not owned by anyone. By tagging your post with relevant topics, you can reach people who follow them.

Grow your followers

On Reddit and other forums, it’s difficult to grow your followers. On Talksub, we emphasize on following users and topics, so you can create quality content and grow your audience and fan base. In the future, we will let creators monetize their content by adding new features.

Organize your posts into stories

Stories let you organize your posts by topic. Put similar posts together into a story, so people can choose and follow what they find interesting.

Join Talksub now and talk about topics you like, explore news, and share your creativity with the world.

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