SynFutures, a crypto derivates exchanged, acquires a $22M funding Series B Follow Oct 19, 2023 · 1 min read
SynFutures, a crypto derivates exchanged, acquires a $22M funding Series B
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SynFutures, a decentralized derivatives exchange focused on trading crypto perpetual futures, has recently secured an impressive $22 million in a Series B funding round. This significant milestone was made possible with the participation of renowned investors including Pantera Capital, HashKey Capital, SIG DT Investments, and others.

Here are some key points about this funding round and SynFutures’ future plans:

  • The company initiated the Series B fundraising process last year and successfully concluded it approximately two months ago.
  • While the exact valuation and structure of the round have not been disclosed, SynFutures is considering the possibility of launching a native token in the future, subject to market conditions and regulatory requirements.

SynFutures DEX

With over $22 billion in accumulated trading volume, SynFutures is revolutionizing the derivatives market by bringing it onto the blockchain. With its decentralized nature, users can enjoy greater transparency and security while trading derivatives. The platform offers a wide range of derivatives products, including futures and options, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and hedge against risks.

One of the key advantages of trading derivatives on a DEX like SynFutures is the removal of intermediaries. Traditional derivatives trading often involves multiple intermediaries, which can increase costs and introduce counterparty risks. With SynFutures, traders can directly interact with the smart contracts on the blockchain, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing trading costs.

SynFutures also offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive trading experience. Traders can easily access the platform and execute trades with just a few clicks. The platform provides real-time market data and advanced trading tools to help users make informed decisions.

In addition to trading, SynFutures allows users to participate in liquidity mining and earn rewards. By providing liquidity to the platform, users can earn fees and additional tokens as incentives.

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