It is necessary to adapt to new demands, where markets have a global approach and it is necessary to achieve high competitiveness without being absorbed by the capture of new customers, process control, decision making, problem solving, and spending time and money on travel.

New technologies accompanied by platforms such as Surplex GmbH, a German firm with a long history in the online purchase and auction of second-hand industrial machinery, make geographic barriers disappear, and with just one click you are open to the world, giving you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and transform yourself with innovative and efficient leadership. This B2B platform is a European leader and has been awarded as the best platform in 2001 by Forrester Research.

To date, it receives approximately 90,000 monthly visits from 200 countries. The know-how and experience of the professionals in the sector has led to the mobile application "Surplex-Auction" having 3,500 users from 95 countries and continues to grow. The innovation landed in the Spanish market to bring social networks and new technologies to the heavy industry sector.

Country: Germany

Province: Álava


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