This Startup is Making Workplaces Safer with AI | TuMeke Follow Dec 19, 2023 · 1 min read
This Startup is Making Workplaces Safer with AI | TuMeke
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Workplace injuries are all too common, but one startup is leveraging technology to create healthier environments for employees. TuMeke, an ergonomic risk assessment platform, recently secured $10 million in Series A funding to continue its mission of eliminating work-related muscle injuries.

Led by Intel Capital, this latest investment will help TuMeke scale its engineering, ergonomics, and academic teams. Since launching in 2020, the company has wowed major global industrial companies by reducing the time it takes to evaluate injury risks by 12x. Now, with amplified resources, TuMeke is poised to spread its computer vision technology and protect even more workforces.

So, how does it work exactly? TuMeke’s software integrates directly into a mobile app, eliminating the need for cameras or other equipment. Safety staff can simply take a video on their smartphones and upload it to the platform. Then, TuMeke’s AI reviews the footage, merges computer vision with ergonomics research, and swiftly identifies potential hazards. Teams can then make data-backed decisions to redesign jobs or retrain employees based on the insights.

The biggest benefit? All of this happens without disrupting active production floors or sifting through cumbersome paperwork.

TuMeke’s clients are already seeing tremendous value from the technology. Major manufacturing leader Chemtrade Logistics shared that the software has improved ergonomics and increased employee engagement through positive culture change.

Now that’s what we like to hear!

It’s uplifting to see technology making companies take proactive measures towards supporting worker health and safety. TuMeke co-founder Zach Noland put it best: “keeping your workers safe should be non-negotiable.” We couldn’t agree more!

With smarter tools and more investment backing them, this driven startup can continue working towards an injury-free future of work across sectors. And workers around the globe will certainly thank them.


  • TuMeke uses AI technology to assess workplace ergonomic risks and prevent injury. Their recent $10 million funding will help them scale efforts to make jobs safer.
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