Sustainable Building Materials Startup Strong by Form Raises €4.8M Follow Dec 05, 2023 · 1 min read
Sustainable Building Materials Startup Strong by Form Raises €4.8M
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Strong by Form, a leading bio-composite tech company, recently closed a €4.8 million seed funding round to scale its revolutionary Woodflow material. Offering a sustainable alternative to concrete and steel, Woodflow brings together nature and technology for structural solutions with a superb strength-to-weight ratio. With scalable manufacturing and wide applicability, the product promises to transform construction and other massive industries.

The oversubscribed funding round attracted timber industry leaders like CMPC Ventures, the VC arm of global pulp/paper producer CMPC. Climate-focused firms and corporate VCs also invested alongside angel groups. The capital will finance R&D, double headcount, and build an initial industrial production facility.

Strong by Form blends timber with other natural binders to create Woodflow - a versatile, workable material billed as the future of green building. Using a robotic mass manufacturing process, the company plans to deploy Woodflow at scale across sectors like construction and automotive to cut waste and emissions. Early partnerships with Deutsche Bahn and BMW demonstrate the wide range of potential applications.

The company currently focuses on interior construction cladding, with the first products shipping in early 2024. Strong by Form will showcase solutions next year at an event in Madrid, hosted alongside investor FINSA.

With global operations across Europe and Latin America, Strong by Form represents a new generation of startups working to transform legacy industries with eco-innovation. The promising technology and meaningful funding attracted by Woodflow highlight the massive potential market for green building materials as sustainability becomes imperative. Significant growth lies ahead as the company builds out production capabilities and proves Woodflow’s advantages.

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