Tampa Automation Star Rewst Raises $31M to Fuel MSP Platform Growth

Lily Polanco Follow Jan 10, 2024 · 1 min read
Tampa Automation Star Rewst Raises $31M to Fuel MSP Platform Growth
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Sunny Tampa keeps pumping out tech winners, with automation startup Rewst the latest to ride investor excitement to new heights. The company just locked down a $31 million Series B round led by top-tier VC Meritech Capital as it looks to bring more smiles to the managed service provider (MSP) industry.

Rewst builds software bots that handle repetitive tasks for MSPs, freeing up human technicians to focus on higher-value work. With mundane ticket triage and busywork automated, MSPs see improved efficiency, lower costs, and happier customers. As the famous saying goes: “Automate the boring stuff!”

And investors are clearly jazzed about Rewst’s approach. CEO Aharon Chernin said Meritech actually approached him about funding, despite Rewst not even seeking a new round yet. The Palo Alto firm lauded both massive market potential and Rewst’s product-market fit in the red-hot MSP space.

While the $31 million cash infusion will accelerate hiring and product development, Chernin equally values getting back to focusing fully on customers instead of financing. “It’s a relief,” he said, “because now I can focus on my customers instead of focusing on closing an investment round.”

That customer-centric mentality has powered Rewst’s growth to date. With over 700 MSPs now using its software globally, the Tampa upstart keeps earning user love by making technicians’ lives easier. Who wouldn’t smile about handing off tedious tickets to smart bots?

Rewst’s success carries on Tampa’s legacy as a managed services hub, with ConnectWise, Optymyze, and many other local MSP-focused firms thriving. But despite his previous company selling to unicorn ConnectWise, Chernin isn’t seeking another quick exit this time.

“I’ve already had an exit,” he said. “This time, I want to make the team happy, make the clients happy, and automate stuff.”

With grateful customers, happy employees, and over $50 million in total funding, Rewst seems poised to keep spreading smiles in Tampa and beyond. Because when hard work gets automated, the future looks bright for all.

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