Kognitos, the AI-powered Business Automation Startup Follow Nov 30, 2023 · 1 min read
Kognitos, the AI-powered Business Automation Startup
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Kognitos, an AI-powered business automation startup, announced Tuesday that it has raised $20 million in a funding round led by Khosla Ventures. This latest investment brings the company’s total funding to $30 million since its founding in 2020.

The San Francisco-based startup aims to help businesses eliminate inefficiencies in workflows without labor cuts by using artificial intelligence to automate repetitive back-office tasks. Kognitos co-founder and CEO Binny Gill said the pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions forced many companies to recognize the importance of new technologies like AI in improving productivity and resilience.

Introduction to Kognitos

While some studies predict automation could make 16% of roles redundant by 2025, Gill argues automation can actually lead to greater employee satisfaction by handling dull, repetitive work. This allows employees to focus on more meaningful and engaging responsibilities.

Gill launched Kognitos after questioning why people have to learn computer languages to automate tasks. He envisioned a system where “machines could learn and understand the language of humans.” The Kognitos platform translates plain English instructions into automated workflows, using AI to flag errors so users can refine the workflows over time without coding or IT help.

Kognitos currently automates business processes like voice transcription, image editing, QR code scanning and filling PDF forms across a variety of industries. Gill says most companies have hundreds of processes that involve reviewing documents and data, applying validations, and updating systems — all ripe for automation.

The funding will support continued product development and expanding integrations with popular business apps.

The startup already counts major companies like PepsiCo and Wipro as customers, although Gill declined to discuss specific revenue or profitability details. Investors are betting Kognitos’ intelligent no-code approach to automation will resonate as businesses continue working to cut costs and boost efficiency.

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