Staffing Made Simple, Jitjatjo Streamlines Hiring With New $30M Funding Follow Dec 12, 2023 · 2 mins read
Staffing Made Simple, Jitjatjo Streamlines Hiring With New $30M Funding
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Need to hire staff for a last-minute event? Or fill in gaps in your schedule due to call-outs? Jitjatjo aims to make temporary staffing quick and easy with its on-demand gig marketplace platform. The startup just raised $30 million to bring its services to more markets across the globe.

Jitjatjo connects businesses in industries like healthcare, retail, and hospitality with vetted workers available on short notice. Its matching algorithm helps companies fill urgent staffing needs, in some cases with just an hour’s notice.

“We use technology to transform temporary staffing,” said CEO Tim Chatfield.

No lengthy interviews or paperwork required. Gig workers complete profiles and availability through Jitjatjo’s app. The platform handles background checks and payroll. Businesses simply log shifts needed, and Jitjatjo matches them with qualified workers. hourly and daily availability.

The on-demand nature offers flexibility for both companies and workers. Businesses can scale teams up or down to meet real-time demands. Workers can choose gigs that fit their schedule.

“It’s a scalable solution for shift-based workforces, reducing overheads and improving efficiency,” Chatfield explained.

Jitjatjo isn’t the first player in this space. Companies like Instawork, Wonolo and GigSmart offer similar on-demand staffing. But Jitjatjo stands out with its focus on technology to optimize the process. Its matching algorithm aims to increase workforce utilization rates before considering external hiring.

The startup also classifies workers as W-2 employees instead of independent contractors. This means they receive basic benefits like workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and payroll tax contributions. Jitjatjo also recently launched an optional benefits package providing supplemental insurance, telehealth access, and other perks.

With its new funding, led by Morningside Technology Ventures, Jitjatjo plans expansion into more markets globally. It currently operates across three continents. The company has over 40,000 gig workers on board and thousands of business customers.

Chatfield founded Jitjatjo in 2015 while working at Amazon Web Services running high-profile live events. He recognized inefficiencies in temporary staffing solutions and knew technology could improve the process. In 2018, he left AWS to focus full-time on making Jitjatjo a premier on-demand staffing platform.

With the pandemic driving huge growth in gig work and flexible employment, Jitjatjo seems well-positioned to capitalize. Its lightweight and scalable approach to temporary hiring provides value. Both businesses and workers benefit from speed and simplicity.

The fresh $30 million investment validates Jitjatjo’s market traction and potential. More streamlined staffing looks likely in coming years as the platform expands reach.

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