GIN E-Bikes Powers Up With €580k to Electrify Biking Follow Jan 02, 2024 · 2 mins read
GIN E-Bikes Powers Up With €580k to Electrify Biking
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London-based startup GIN E-Bikes just tapped a fresh €580k funding round to shift its innovative hybrid bikes into overdrive. The joint Ukrainian-Indian founded company designs e-bikes purpose-built for long distance travel across urban landscapes. With the new capital injection courtesy of Ukrainian VC firm, GIN aims to energize manufacturing and meet surging demand for its unique two-wheelers.

Founded in 2021 by Ukrainian entrepreneur Marina Vlasenko and Indian auto engineer Rahul Pushp, GIN E-Bikes combines classic bicycles with an integrated electric powertrain. The pedal-assist e-bikes provide cyclists both manual and motorized propulsion for tackling hilly city streets. Customers praise the e-bikes’ ability to traverse substantial real-world ranges while folding for convenient storage and transport.

GIN’s growth mirrors rising European appetite for battery-boosted bicycles offering cyclists added speed and stamina minus the sweat. As urban centers expand dedicated bike lanes and low emission zones, the e-bike niche sees momentum mirrored in motorcycle and electric vehicle markets. But most competitors’ e-bike models sacrifice too much conventional ride feel or portability.

GIN launched with the vision to electrify cycling without compromising rugged ride dynamics or ease of portability. Its inaugural model, the Explorer 01, exemplifies this hybrid ethos. The urban trail e-bike’s sturdy aluminum frame and fat Kenda Krusade tires devour potholes and curbs without sacrificing zippy acceleration care of a 350W Shengyi rear hub motor. Up to 60 miles of pedal assist range lets riders journey substantial daily distances or handle weekend expeditions. Yet the e-bike’s carbon frame and folded width under 30 inches enables multimodal commuting and storage in tight spaces.

With roster now expanded to three e-bike models pleasing press and customers, GIN witnessed demand outpace production capacity. Hence the new backing to scale up manufacturing. The Ukraine-based VC firm, itself launched in 2023 to nurture innovation despite wartime adversity, brings both strategic direction and a debt structure ensuring accountability. Their €580k enables GIN to boost output nearly tenfold to 200 e-bikes monthly within a year. The additional working capital will also facilitate Polish and Ukrainian expansion, plus tailored cargo delivery models.

For GIN’s founders, the backing validates their vision for electrically assisted cycling without compromise. The firm’s unique hybrid e-bikes promise to further blur lines between motorbike convenience and pedal-powered freedom. As urban migration intensifies, commuters find e-bikes navigating nearly car-rivaling distances with cycling’s inherent agility, economy and environmental benefits. For mobility pioneers like GIN, electrification need not dampen the joys of human-powered transport. Just don’t be shocked when their hybrid bikes overtakes you on the morning commute.

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