Sustainable Startup Turns Nordic Forest Into Skincare of the Future Follow Dec 16, 2023 · 1 min read
Sustainable Startup Turns Nordic Forest Into Skincare of the Future
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A new €1 million investment means clean beauty is about to get even more eco-friendly. Stockholm-based FineCell, producer of a revolutionary Nordic forest-based biomaterial called CellOx, just raised capital to scale up production. Get ready for next-gen sustainable skincare and more.

FineCell has discovered how to convert wood pulp into a miraculous moisture-rich powder called CellOx. It’s a game changer for beauty brands looking to swap synthetic ingredients for natural plant-based alternatives without sacrificing performance.

The key is FineCell’s innovative tech, which uses Nordic softwood trees and totally renewable processing. The result is a flexible biomaterial that can ship in solid form yet transform into a liquid when mixed into creams and serums. Cosmetics that harness the hydrating power of CellOx are lighter, clearer, and more sustainable from start to finish.

Even better, because CellOx seamlessly carries other active ingredients, it supercharges their efficacy too. We’re talking next level smoothness and glow. Brands like Glossier and YouthToThePeople should take note and lock in this Scandinavian skincare secret ASAP.

The $1.1 million funding round led by green tech investor Metsä Spring will bankroll a demo plant to refine large scale CellOx production. If all goes well, the goal is fully commercial output by 2027. When that happens, FineCell expects mega demand from top beauty brands racing to ditch fossil-fuels and tap into consumer hunger for conscious cosmetics.

Beyond skincare, CellOx’s flexibility makes it a Swiss Army knife sustainable solution. Paints, suncare, supplements, fragrances, you name it. Anywhere ingredients like polymers, silicones, waxes and more are deployed today, CellOx stands ready to step in tomorrow. And because its base is managed Nordic forestry rather than finite oil reserves, there’s no limit to this forest-powered future.

The time is now for cleaner chemistry that doesn’t sacrifice performance. FineCell’s CEO Peter Axegård said as much: “The world is scrambling to replace fossil-based materials with sustainable ones. Our product gives many industries an alternative to the components they are currently using.” Watch out green giants Avocado Mattress, Allbirds, Impossible Foods. CellOx is coming for your crown!

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