Startups Outsourcing Infrastructure as a Service to Russia

Aug 07, 2020 · 3 mins read
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I know what you’re thinking: Why would western companies bother using the public cloud in Russia?

Believe it or not, IaaS in Russia is actually quite popular for both domestic and international use. For US and European companies specifically, it can be a great way to save money on cloud services, especially those that are planning to expand operations to Eastern Europe & Central Asia.

Here are some interesting statistics about the IaaS market in Russia:

  • Cloud IaaS is the most popular type of cloud service in Russia.
  • The market growth for IaaS in Russia is growing by 25-30% yearly.
  • According to a research by TMT Consulting, the volume of public cloud in Russia grew by 31% in 2018.

While the initials are similar, it’s important not to confuse IaaS with Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS). The idea is to rent a stack of computing resources to use your own software on. This is reserved more for businesses that know what their doing, and simply have a need to rent out resources elsewhere.

Within an IaaS model, a third-party provider hosts the hardware, software, servers, network connections, bandwidth, IP address, storage and other infrastructure components in place of the users. IaaS providers also host applications and manage tasks such as system maintenance, backup, and resiliency planning.

Physically, the pool of hardware resources comes from a multitude of servers and networks, typically spread across multiple data centers that the provider is responsible for maintaining. The customer benefits from access to virtualized components to develop their own IT platform.

IaaS platforms offer highly scalable resources that can be adjusted on demand according to the user’s needs. This makes IaaS optimal for temporary, experimental or unexpectedly changing workloads.

Another advantage is that the user can access the service from any location as long as they have an Internet connection and the Cloud security protocol allows them to do so. In addition, the physical security of the Data Centers hosting the IaaS guarantees data security. Moreover, if a server suffers an error, the service as a whole is not affected, since it relies on a multitude of hardware resources.

They can also be used for cloud hosting, to host sites on virtual servers based on pools of resources from physical servers. A website hosted in the cloud will be able to take advantage of a large network of physical servers and on-demand scalability to handle higher than expected demand.

IaaS are also useful for Virtual Data Centers (VDCs). A VDC is a virtualized network of interconnected servers that can be used to provide enhanced cloud hosting capabilities, enterprise IT infrastructure, or to integrate these operations within a public or private cloud implementation.

These infrastructures as a service can also be used for testing and development environments to accelerate the time to market for new applications. They can also be used to support the storage and networking of web applications.

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