Best Startups from Finland to keep an eye on

Jan 25, 2021 · 2 mins read
Best Startups from Finland to keep an eye on
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Finland is a relatively small country bordering Sweden and Russia. They are known to excell in education, social services, and although they only have a population of 5.5 million, they’ve always made big waves in the tech scene.

An exception to the Finnish rule will probably be in Finnish start-ups. That is, small companies usually focused on IT: on the Internet and information technology. These tech companies are already born with an international outlook and don’t care where the talent comes from. Many of them, like the creators of Angry Birds, are mobile, something very Finnish.

The 12 best startups in Finland to work for

The Red Herring Index (interestingly, herring is the English word for herring, that very Nordic fish) is an annual list made up of 100 companies, chosen from several hundred.

Red Herring judges measure and compare the companies that are candidates for the ranking on several criteria: revenue, size of local and international markets, technological innovation and the experience of their executives.

The Finnish companies that made it into this year’s ranking were, in alphabetical order:

  • Agaidi, which is engaged in developing wireless communication solutions with RFID, E-Paper and other display technology.
  • Dream Broker works in online video software, focusing on the creation, editing and sharing of videos.
  • Ductor, a biotechnology company to produce ammonia and phosphates from recycled materials, and is trying to make green algae oil commercially viable.
  • Jongla, with a concept similar to WatsApp, but enhanced.
  • MultiTouch, which develops hardware and software for large multi-touch and multi-user displays that can be placed on walls or tables.
  • Nitor Creations, which also develops software, in this case for companies that need critical, tight, high-performance software.
  • Sievo, which has a tool that analyzes past purchases, predicts future spending and focuses on increasing savings through the analysis of large volumes of this data.
  • SkySQL, where they offer software support, training and consulting services for MySQL and MariaDB database technologies.
  • Sympa, a funny name if ever there was one in Spanish, is dedicated to information systems for the Human Resources departments of companies.
  • TeamUp, a social media concept where talent is the basis, and where these talents can raise money for fans and companies.
  • Vaadin, a Java framework for developing beautiful and fast web applications.
  • Varaani Works, a cloud service for storing digital content and back-ups, accessible from different locations and devices.

A good list of companies to look for jobs in Finland this year? I think so.

If these companies are not in your line of business, you can always take a look at our Finland job search engine. To learn more about the topic in general, you can check out all the articles about it.