Startup Concepts That May Be Resiliant in the New Normal

May 25, 2020 · 4 mins read
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Here is a proposal of concepts that can inspire you to find your own opportunities to create a successful company. This is a compilation of ideas we have monitored in the previous quarter, along with recent demands due to the pandemic. If you don’t find them enough, don’t forget that we have hundreds of proposals for you on our summary page, and we will continue to look for and publish new ideas.

Profitable business ideas with animals

People in the Western world have millions of pets (mainly dogs and cats), and animal-related businesses move billions of dollars annually. The emotional bond between master and pet can be economically exploited with products and services that facilitate a better quality of life for the animal while simplifying the tasks of its owner. The 10 proposals that we published last October will give you some ideas about the ways to discover business opportunities in this sector.

Ecological and profitable business opportunities

The ecological attitude is no longer an option. If we want to have a future on this planet, we have to change our ways of producing and consuming now. This is a reality that is increasingly accepted in public opinion, and it is worth taking advantage of it now. We are so far from having sustainable processes that the possibilities of improvement are practically infinite. We propose 10 business opportunities, but surely with a simple observation of your environment you can find many others.

Ancient craftsmanship, today’s profitable businesses

It is characteristic of the economy to evolve, at the pace of technological evolution. Just as today entire sectors are disappearing (we can cite the case of the paper press which is being relegated to the Internet), yesterday thousands of trades of all kinds were replaced.

However, in some cases they do not disappear completely and there is still a small but profitable market. In this article we talk about 8 crafts, but you could think of many more. The idea is to find a market niche to take advantage of yesterday’s jobs again. Simple, and in some cases, very successful.

Original business idea: sell cheap prefabricated houses

A few years ago, places like Spain were paradises for construction and real estate development, thanks to the excesses of the credit bubble. Later the situation was the opposite, with a hard adjustment, and lately it seems that the market is growing again.

That is why it is interesting to see the alternatives to the traditional models, and some business opportunities are worth studying. This is the case of the prefabricated houses. There are different types and different materials, but they all have one thing in common: they are much cheaper than

In Europe and the US, the passion for sport (and especially for football) is maintained throughout the ages. On the other hand, there is a growing tendency for people to be concerned about their health, which is associated with seeking to practice physical activity regularly in order to keep fit. These and other reasons seem to indicate that business and sport can be a successful combination.

Service and business ideas for seniors

In all Western countries there is an ageing population, the result of a combination of a marked improvement in life expectancy and a steady fall in the birth rate.

The phenomenon is more accentuated than in neighbouring countries, and the crisis is aggravating it. This means that the elderly will be increasingly more numerous, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the population. Business ideas and especially services for the elderly must therefore grow in the future. For this reason, we proposed 8 interesting concepts.

Fashion and clothing business ideas

The fashionable clothing and distribution sector is one of the most interesting to undertake, despite the high level of concentration. In times of crisis or recovery, some brands continue to register record profits, such as the famous Zara chain created by Amancio Ortega. It is a gigantic sector, and there is undoubtedly room for innovation and original concepts. By studying the trends and providing added value to the consumer with differentiation strategies, great business opportunities can be achieved.

Possible profitable business with cars

Despite the fact that fuel is becoming increasingly expensive, that vehicle sales are slow to return to pre-crisis levels and that government intervention is always possible (such as the establishment of motorway tolls which was very much the order of the day a few years ago), the car will continue to be an important tool for the economy.

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