When the bureaucracy kills your startup's passion

Mar 11, 2021 · 1 min read
When the bureaucracy kills your startup's passion
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Faced with the sometimes cumbersome protocol for launching an entrepreneurial initiative, Ekiter presents itself as a savings partner designed to cover all the needs of the entrepreneur in the initial stages of his project.

“From a single online ecosystem, we try to promote the tools and advice for the entrepreneur to focus on developing their project, while protecting all partners and helping to make the first financing with guarantees without having to incorporate the company,” explains Pol Frances, CEO of Ekiter, in a statement.

What Ekiter proposes is to avoid the process of notary, incorporation and other fixed costs derived and typical of the beginning of any startup. The process is simple: the entrepreneurs or co-founders are the people who promote a project by making it known in Ekiter and, in general, seek funding and / or partnerships.

This collaborative platform promotes entrepreneurial projects in an initial phase by linking entrepreneurs, patrons or sponsors, collaborators (mentors, designers, developers, external services, organizations, etc.) and, all this, minimizing bureaucracy. The first step is for the entrepreneur to register his or her data and share his or her project, while Ekiter verifies that the project is legal and ethically acceptable.

Then comes the phase of creating a funding campaign, which can last up to 40 days and in which you can ask for funds from 500 euros. There are also the collaborator campaigns where you can contact mentors and other experts.

On the other hand, there are different collaborator profiles: mentors, CEOs, designers, programmers, marketing experts, financial experts, etc. To do so, they have to register for free on the platform and fill in their profile in order to be found by entrepreneurs or receive offers from entrepreneurial projects.

“Today, launching a project does not have to be an odyssey. With this new method, we are working to put an end to the fear of entrepreneurship and, above all, to promote new business ideas so that they can become a reality,” says Pol Frances.