Starting an Organizing Business – A Lean Startup Guide Follow Feb 12, 2020 · 2 mins read
Starting an Organizing Business – A Lean Startup Guide
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Today, people are busier than ever and have trouble finding the time to do everything there is to do in a day. Starting an organizing business will let you provide a relief to people who lose minutes or even hours from their days trying to put the pieces together.

Scattered around the home are bills, clothes, books, tools, toys and magazines where clutter has attacked the homes of many.

What you do is help people rid themselves of the clutter in their homes and offices.

Being a professional organizer will put you in the face of clutter, and you’ll be clearing everything from closets to paperwork to file cabinets and computer system files.

When people are organized, it saves time and relieves stress in their lives – giving them the time they want to enjoy their lives a little more or concentrate on their business.

Do you know how many time-starved families there are in the world? Help them get organized and put a little more time into their lives.

Build a Niche

To build a niche for your organizing business, you can figure out what your best organizing skills are and specialize in one specific area.

You can specialize in organizing just kitchens or you can be an expert closet organizer, cleaning them out and installing systems. Maybe you like to organize home offices and help people work more efficiently by setting up a systematic approach to their workday. If you know how to tackle the computer and make it more manageable and user friendly to those who never know where they just put their last document. Some organizers work with homesowners or the consumer market while other professional organizers use the business-to-business model.

Valuable skills/Requirements

You obviously should be organized and understand the standard and proven strategies for organizing your home and of course, your clients.

You can learn most of the skills – as long as you can teach them to others effectively.

This is a big word of mouth business. You’ll want to get out in public, maybe even do some public speaking or workshops to help spread the word.

Networking is also important, and this included having a business card you can hand-out.

Marketing Your Organizing Business

There are three marketing ‘weapons’ you should make yourself very familiar with to promote your organizing business…

Submit to stratup diectories. like the one we have here.

Direct Mail - Find your target audience, buy some lists and get some sales letters out the door.

Start a small business website - If you have a business in this century and think you can do it without the internet, you’re very, very wrong.

Promotional Products - Those little imprinted goodies you see on desks or the cups with logos you have in the kitchen is what’s called promotional product advertising. It’s cost effective and it works – especially to help you build your brand over time.

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