Sprite ZoozBeat: Shake it Up with Dallas Austin.

Mar 17, 2011 · 2 mins read
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Sprite may be looking to join music artists with iPhone users for the creation of the next big hit. A new app called ZoozBeat features tracks from various artists such as Dallas Austin, all of which can be remixed by app users for a unique beat. The ZoozBeat mobile app turns iPhone users into music producers, with the iPhone as your mobile music studio.

What do users get out of it? The fun of making beats based on exclusive content from well-known artists. Users can then upload the music and share it with the world. Artists get the chance to hear their own creations from new perspectives, tapping into the power of the crowd towards this end.

The app itself works by shaking, tapping or tilting their iPhones. The music gets remixed according to your motions, adding a bit of dynamic fun to the ZoozBeat iPhone app. You can download new beats, learn more about the artist that initially created the beat, and edit music to your own personal tastes.

It seems unlikely that the participating artists would want to seek the aid of iPhone users for the purpose of creating new beats. Even if this was the case, the ZoozBeat iPhone app acts as a mini mobile portal for the artist. Creating content for a mobile app like this increases visibility and finds new ways in which to explore the music industry.

The other interesting aspect of the ZoozBeat app is that it utilizes some of the iPhone device’s best aspects, appealing to a wide user base. For the purpose of marketing an artist, combining the iPhone and its capabilities as a device makes for great access to consumers. What the consumers do from there is up to them.

Even as the music industry struggles to find a way to regain its days of glory, the new economies of mobile and web apps introduce new opportunities for it to do so. What remains to be seen is how much the music industry will have to rely on associated branding in order to do so.

Sprite gets to reap the benefits of associated branding by powering the ZoozBeat app, using music as a universal marketing message to reach out to consumers. Artists, on the other hand, rely on brands like Sprite for a certain amount of distribution and access to a wide range of consumers. It’s an interesting play, and it’s one that has been gaining steam in the web and mobile app realms.

Time will tell if such apps have any lasting power, with combined strategies seeking similar ends. The cooperative efforts towards reaching a single goal means that partnerships could continue to be successfully forged, with a necessary focus on the end consumer to help carry the marketing message to their friends. ZoozBeat in particular is an interesting way to promote music, its popular artists, and the engagement of users.