Seeking Profitability, Spotify Renews Rogan But Ends Exclusivity

Lily Polanco Follow Feb 02, 2024 · 1 min read
Seeking Profitability, Spotify Renews Rogan But Ends Exclusivity
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Spotify has renewed its licensing deal with controversial podcaster Joe Rogan in a multi-year agreement worth an estimated $250 million. However, unlike the previous deal which made Rogan’s show exclusive to Spotify, the new deal allows Rogan’s show to expand to other platforms.

This move aligns with Spotify’s shift away from spending heavily on exclusive podcast content, as the company struggles to regularly turn a profit. Letting former exclusives like Rogan’s show release episodes on other platforms allows Spotify to potentially grow ad revenue while taking some pressure off itself during Rogan’s inevitable future controversies.

Key points:

  • Spotify renews deal with Joe Rogan in a multi-year, $250 million agreement
  • Rogan’s show will no longer be exclusive to Spotify and can release episodes on other platforms
  • Spotify moving away from podcast exclusives as it aims for profitability amid struggles
  • Letting Rogan’s show go non-exclusive could increase ad revenue potential
  • Also reduces pressure on Spotify when Rogan stirs controversies in the future
  • Follows similar non-exclusive deals with Alex Cooper and Dax Shepard shows
  • Rogan still ranks as Spotify’s top podcast and is crucial to its listenership
  • Podcast consumption on Spotify has grown 232% since Rogan joined in 2020
  • Ad revenue from Rogan’s show specifically grew 45% in 2023

So in summary, Spotify is loosening its grip on costly podcast exclusives, starting with its most popular yet controversial show from Joe Rogan, as part of a business strategy shift. This could reduce public relations issues for Spotify while increasing its ad revenue potential.

Written by Lily Polanco Follow
Junior News Writer @ new.blicio.us.