Southern Comfort Bets Big on Online Advertising Follow Nov 21, 2009 · 2 mins read
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In a bold move, the spirits brand Southern Comfort (SoCo) has shifted the entirety of its $8 million advertising budget from traditional offline channels to an online-focused strategy. The reason behind this shift is simple - SoCo’s target demographic of 21-29 year olds spends significantly more time online than in front of traditional media like television.

The rise of on-demand streaming content and the ubiquity of social media have fundamentally changed the media consumption habits of young adults. SoCo recognized that to effectively reach this crucial demographic, they needed to meet them where they are - online.

“Our target audience simply isn’t watching as much traditional TV anymore,” said SoCo’s CMO. “They’re streaming shows on Hulu, scrolling through Facebook, and getting their news from digital sources. That’s where we need to be placing our advertising dollars.”

To that end, SoCo plans to launch ads across a variety of online platforms, including Hulu, Facebook, NBC, CBS, Fox, and FX. This multi-pronged digital strategy aims to maximize the brand’s exposure within the online spaces frequented by its core consumers.

The shift to online advertising also presents some unique advantages for a spirits brand like SoCo. Strict regulations prohibit alcohol companies from running TV commercials during prime time hours - a limitation that doesn’t apply to digital ads. Additionally, as print media like newspapers and magazines continue to decline, online platforms offer a more viable and cost-effective alternative for reaching consumers.

However, the transition to a predominantly digital marketing approach is not without its challenges. Ensuring that ads are served to the right demographic, and finding ways to drive offline sales from online engagement, will be crucial for SoCo’s success.

“Alcoholic beverage brands have to be very careful about how they advertise online,” explained a industry analyst. “They need to implement robust age-gating and content controls to limit access to their campaigns, especially on social media platforms.”

Additionally, SoCo will need to focus on developing engaging, interactive online experiences that can effectively translate to increased brand awareness and, ultimately, offline purchases. The company’s competitors, as well as the broader advertising industry, will be closely watching to see how effective SoCo’s bold digital gambit proves to be.

“This is a pivotal moment for SoCo and the spirits industry as a whole,” the analyst continued. “The way brands approach online marketing is rapidly evolving, and SoCo’s actions will undoubtedly influence engagement strategies and data-driven insights across the board.”

As SoCo embarks on this new digital-first chapter, the company’s ability to navigate the unique challenges of online advertising for an alcohol brand will be crucial to its long-term success. The stakes are high, but the potential rewards of reaching their target audience more effectively could pay dividends for the brand in the years to come. is for sale via Sedo. Feel free to send us buy out offers.

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