Sharing Content 140 Characters at a Time

Jan 09, 2009 · 2 mins read
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There is that classic saying that we have heard countless times, “Content is King”, and it truly IS on the Internet. Content on the Internet informs, entertains, and gains users for us. But how is one to do all that with Twitter when one only has up to 140 characters or less to get one’s message across the vast web? Well lucky for us, there are tools available that allow you to share photos, videos and even polls with your Twitter audience and beyond. Below are a few tools to consider.

TwitPic allows you to simply post your photos and video in real-time directly to Twitter via their website, email or through your iPhone, Blackberry or Android. You will be provided a unique address to email your photos directly into your TwitPic account from your mobile phone. Location Data stored on your camera or video can also be included.

A photo emailed from my iPhone shows up in real-time on Twitter. TwitPic user names and passwords are the same as the ones you use in Twitter. Comments about photographs are sent as reply tweets. TwitPic URLs are already short, making it unnecessary to use URL shortening.

TwitPic stores your photos on their site and you can easily see who and what they are posting on the TwitPic Timeline. Your profile is automatically created from the information found on your Twitter profile. A users Twitter handle on their TwitPic profile allows you to follow them directly on Twitter from their profile, making it easy to build a greater Twitter audience.

TwitVid is focused on uploading fast Video up to 2 GB. You can actually post both Videos and Photos and choose whether you want to post to Twitter or Facebook when you upload your content. Upload and post from a number of options including your computer, Phone or Webcam and also from your iPhone, Blackbery and iPhone. Keep in mind that messages can only be 117 characters or less to make room for your video URL link.

Similar to TwitPic, you can log into TwitVid via your Twitter user name and password. You can even view your videos before the upload process is complete. Share with all your friends and followers via your Twitter stream and Auto Share video to Facebook. TwitVid can also be used with popular twitter clients such as Echofon, Twittelator, UberTwitter, Twitterrific, or UberSocial for Android. allows you to create polls for your twitter audience who can then vote within a 24 hr. period on your poll. After your 24 hours is up, you will receive the overall results of the poll directly into your twitter account. As the author, you will also see any updates in your Home Timeline.

It is so easy and quick to create a poll, I can’t imagine why you would not create one to add instant content and engagement with your Twitter audience. To get started, all you need to do is authorize use of your Twitter account by, fill in the fields to create your poll and there you have it, your very own poll. Below is how your poll is shared on Twitter.