Sabse Jaxt

Nov 09, 2010 · 1 min read
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Jaxtr was acquired by telecommunication company SabSe, making it the most recent in a growing line of VoIP services to be acquired in the past year or so. The financial details of the acquisition have not been revealed, but Jaxtr will remain a separate subset brand of SabSe.

With Jaxtr having a reported 10 million users using its service, SabSe is able to tap into a large database of users that take advantage of online-based technology to make calls to others. However, SabSe will be integrating some of Jaxtr’s technology as well. SabSe currently has a free conference call service as well as a hosted PBX, so acquiring Jaxtr will increase its product offerings and enable the telecom company to penetrate another market.

This market penetration is largely useful to SabSe in the social application sense, as much of what we’re seeing from the VoIP industry is socially driven at this stage of development. Companies such as Skype and Ribbit are creating platforms that are socially aware and are able to integrate with larger social networks and services. Jaxtr has been moving along the same lines, growing its own userbase and client base through becoming socially integrated applications and becoming default options to social network users that want to make direct, web-based calls to others.

As the potential for such platforms to become integrated for even mobile apps, retail apps and more, VoIP may begin to really show its value as it’s better able to be combined with several other forms of communication in as many access points as possible. As VentureBeat notes, most of the other prominent VoIP services have been acquired or entered into partnership with another telecom service before they were able to prove themselves as big business. So with Jaxtr too being acquired, we’ll see how telecom companies are looking to incorporate VoIP into their longterm business models.