Runway ML Forges Partnership with Getty Images to Unlock New Era of AI-Powered Video Content Creation Follow Dec 04, 2023 · 1 min read
Runway ML Forges Partnership with Getty Images to Unlock New Era of AI-Powered Video Content Creation
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Runway ML, a leading generative AI startup, announced an exciting new partnership with Getty Images, one of the world’s largest stock imagery platforms. Through this collaboration, Runway ML and Getty Images will develop an all-new generative video model called the Runway <> Getty Images Model (RGM) to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI-powered video generation.

This partnership unlocks transformative new capabilities for enterprises across industries like media, advertising, and entertainment to easily craft high-quality, custom video content aligned with their brand identities and tailored to their unique audiences. Runway ML enterprise customers will be able to fine-tune RGM using their own proprietary datasets to meet their specific needs.

Runway ML’s platform makes it simple for enterprises to produce engaging video content without video production expertise. The new RGM model being co-developed with Getty Images will provide a strong baseline for clients to build upon with custom enhancements.

The collaboration provides Runway ML with expanded data resources to advance its AI research and development. Meanwhile, Getty Images benefits from associating itself with an innovative company pushing the forefront of generative video AI.

The commercial launch of RGM is targeted for the coming months. Runway ML has ascended as a top AI startup thanks to significant funding from Google, Nvidia and other leading technology investors. This latest partnership with Getty Images solidifies Runway ML’s position at the vanguard of generative video AI innovation.

About Runway ML

Founded in 2018, Runway ML is leading the development of next-generation AI capabilities for effortless video content creation. Learn more at

About Getty Images

Getty Images is a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace offering the world’s richest and most powerful collection of photography, footage and music accessible for commercial and editorial use. Learn more at

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