Robert Scoble Leaves Fast Company Follow Mar 02, 2019 · 1 min read
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Robert Scoble, also known as The Scobleizer, left his full-time post at Fast Company in 2009 to start his next chapter. Scoble had joined Fast Company a year prior and had been running their site. While the specific details of his next life chapter were not mentioned in the information provided, Scoble is a well-known blogger, technical evangelist, and author.

Robert Scoble had a significant presence at Fast Company. He joined Fast Company in 2008 and contributed articles and posts to the publication. As an influential blogger, technology evangelist, and author, Scoble made a notable impact during his time with Fast Company.

During his tenure, Scoble played a key role in the site, running the platform and producing videos for it. Additionally, he had a column in Fast Company magazine. His work at Fast Company showcased his expertise in technology and innovation.

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