REFACE, an app to easily create celebrity deepfakes Follow Aug 10, 2020 · 2 mins read
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Some time ago NEOCORTEXT presented its deepfakes video editing app called Doublicat. Now, it has been renamed REFACE, bringing together new options with past tools to become a viral application in both iOS and Android.

This app allows you to put your face in various types of videos: from movie stars, singers, superheroes, gamers, and more. The relevant point is that the faces will be changed easily and quickly to superimpose the face on the body of celebrities. This is how it works.

Currently, Reface is positioned within the top of the most popular applications, both on iOS and Android devices. This is largely due to the results already seen in other applications in the past, being ZAO one of the most relevant alternatives (here you have all the information about this other tool).

At the moment of entering REFACE, the user will be asked to provide a selection of himself (it can be taken from the same app or look for one in the gallery of the mobile), this being the image that will be placed on the face of the person you select. In this regard, the developers themselves have made it clear that the selfies used will only be used to fulfill the function of face-swapping of the app, but not for other purposes such as identification processes with biometric data, for example.

The next step is to choose from a variety of popular video clips one to place our face, thus replacing that of the person who actually appears in that same video. This is all done using artificial intelligence to achieve those most professional and best quality finishes possible, just as other similarly styled applications such as FaceApp do.

To this day, new GIFs and characters are still being added in order to overlay the face. And yes, the quality of the videos isn’t Class A, but from time to time artificial intelligence improvements are still being added.

Regarding the issue of availability, we comment that it is a free download application with a monthly or annual subscription model (5 and 25 euros each), the first one having 3 days free trial with access and full control of the app, which does not happen in the free version, where users are only allowed to make 5 videos every 3 hours and a half. Next we leave the download link from Play Store and App Store.

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