Project Management and PRINCE2

Apr 17, 2021 · 3 mins read
Project Management and PRINCE2
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No matter how vast or small the project management is, it always requires a very big force to accomplish a certain task.  When it comes to a particular thing in the projects, it could be overwhelming and actually simple for one person to take care of.  This is where project management comes in. As on a prince 2 Foundation training manchester.

What is  project management?  You can purposely start a project, like creating utility broke down into steps.  The project, the planning of it in order to make it happen, and its management.  It is actually the process of planning, organizing, and staffing the resources to achieve tasks that you have defined in a specific time and budget.

The process of project management is commonly associated with large projects, but in reality, it is little applicable on every project.

The major purpose of projects is to develop a specific function, solution, or structure to accomplish a task, goal, or purpose.  It contains all of the steps to be followed during it and then, it can be executed.

When and where did project management start?  It actually started with the assumption of professionals belonging, to coordinate all the elements needed to accomplish a certain solution or goal.

What are the different types of project management? There are different types of project management. They are the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.


This is also known as the establishing of objectives, the development of programs, or the construction of structures.  It includes all activities needed for the project and the development of plans.

Project planning also starts with the initial program or structure of the project. It contains step in defining the purpose of the project, the structure of the project, needed resources, schedule, structure, and described the objectives, budget, and other details, even though those are not completed yet.


This process would deal the coordination and arrangements of all resources.  In a group, it includes all responsibilities and responsibilities plus delegation, scheduling, and procuring of elements that are needed for the project.

The project organization also will deal identifying the resources needed for the project.


This is designed to direct a group of individuals to accomplish certain objectives.  It includes the directing of activities are divided into groups, setting the goal, tapping the resources for the project, measurement, and the control and monitoring of the project.

Directing is also the managing and monitoring of theproject team team.  In any project, a team is a bunch of individuals performing specific steps in order to accomplish the goal of the project.  The purpose of the project team is to collaborate on the work so that the results will be perfect.


This is also known as the making of functions and processes required for the project.  It is the management of the project and all activities performed, plans to be implemented, and responsibilities would be met in order to achieve the goal of the project.

It also includes the control of factors being implemented if that does not fit within the project purpose.

Directing also includes the supervision of the progress or accomplishment of all the activities allotted to the team in the projects. It also includes the monitoring to know whether or not the project is on track and accomplishments are accomplished to the satisfaction of the team.

Project management is just like options that can be chosen for a particular task.  There are different tasks needed to be performed in order to attain the goal of the project. Any an option chosen can be a project management plan, the outline of the project, or just enlisting the professionals to gather resources and perform the activities to achieve the goals in the project.

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