Process mining company Celonis has acquired Czech startup Integromat to help bolster its automation services

Oct 19, 2020 · 1 min read
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Celonis began as a company to help customers understand how work flowed through their enterprise with the aid of using constructing a manner map. This turned into treasured in itself, however the subsequent logical step turned into to now no longer best examine the techniques, however locate approaches to lead them to extra efficient. Today, the enterprise introduced it has obtained Czech startup Integromat to assist accelerate the automation aspect of the house, which they started constructing into the platform closing year.

The phrases of the deal have been now no longer disclosed, however Celonis co-founder and CEO Alexander Rinke stated the deal turned into over $one hundred million. “It was a three-digit amount of over $100 million. We can’t expose the precise price, however we’re simply giving this range,” he stated. The deal has already closed.

Rinke describes Integromat as an company model of Zapier, one which has been pretty successful, constructing a $10 million business with more than 11,000 clients, and it’ll assist the enterprise automate techniques throughout applications, something this is tough to do.

“They certainly increase what I agree with is a disruptive method to automation. And glaringly it’s very crucial for us due to the fact we’re we seeking to enlarge our product from being normally a manner mining device this is focused on surfacing the insights as to how processes executed today, and evolve that into what we call an execution control system, that is on an ongoing basis certainly assisting you to optimize the execution of your key techniques,” Rinke explained