PRINCE2 Project Management online

Mar 18, 2021 ยท 3 mins read
PRINCE2 Project Management online
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Common features of project management are:

  1. Problem identification
  2. Solution and planning
  3. implementation
  4. operation or management
  5. review and control</p>

The objective of this article is to study and explain common features of project managementcommon characteristics in corporations. The key objective of project management is to use the participants in the project to implement and manage them resulting the inclusive dimension of project management. As outlined on a prince2 e-learning course.

Problem identification

Objective of project management is to assess if the objectives of the project can be achieved or if the project is an infeasible goal. This will help the selection of the project and of course the modification on project objectives. The objective of project management is not to create new projects but to improve and better the operation and execution of existing projects. This process is famous in any type of project. This process allows to reduce risks and increase the cost profitability.

The success of any project therefore depends on the objective achieved, the participation of the objective, the time within which to attain the objective and satisfying the objectives to all the participants within the fixed time.

Solution and planning

Project management starts with problem identification, objective being reviewed and planning starts. Identifying and selecting project is the first step in planning and planning the tasks, following this step the project will be implemented, followed by implementation of the plans for resources, activities, budget and the quality of the plans and projects.


Implementation is the second step after the plan has been implemented. This means that after implementation of the plans the project managers are responsible for the realization of the project objectives.

Operations and management

After the solution and planning step Investigation of the indicates that the team work according to the plan, the activities of the managers, prompt evaluation and controls of the team works, and finally scheduling of the operation (annual/ trivia planning)

This analysis step is crucial for a solid management strategy, needs to be unbiased upon who will do what and the resources needed, if not to solve these problems. Then start again with problem identification.

Project implementation

Project manager does everything to implement the solution and planning. This is not a project but a process the project manager will follow during project/ effort. All the steps of operations and management will be completed by the project manager, so the successful achievement and realization of the projected objectives of the project.

Review and control

After project implementation and the final reviews has been done to all teams, the project managers responsibility is to review the performance and to control the implementation of the project and the task to re-do the reviews, follow-up on the issue of features and to reduce the risks.

Project management helps the organization to achieve faster, more efficient and cost saving. It is the adequate strategic goal other than the satisfaction of the financial requirement especially on top management who's goal is the organization objectives not the personal goals of the team. This management function increases the organization performance, and within a short period of time an organization only keeps delivering effective service to the government and customers a remarkable success. It was scratching a Doesn't!

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