Popular Web Designs To Use For Your Website

Jan 27, 2021 ยท 2 mins read
Popular Web Designs To Use For Your Website
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There are so many websites out there and each one has its own unique style. Underneath the color schemes and images, there is a basic design. If you are thinking about creating a website for your business, you might want to know what kind of website design you can have. Website design has trends much like fashion that changes all the time. Sacramento website design companies do a great job of keeping up with these trends to make a website that will fit your business and attract customers.

Here are a few designs that a design company can employ on your website.



Flat icons turn into 3D objects with this style by using semi-flat colors. The image will pop off the screen and make it look like it’s a 3D object. Often this is the main feature on the design and the rest of the website will be minimalistic. The 3D image will really pop off the page especially if you implement a white background with a brightly colored product.

Abstract art compositions

Image the work of Jackson Pollock. This design style takes inspiration from his abstract painting to create fun designs. Bright, fun colors will make the website exciting to visitors. Shapes, swirls, and lines create abstract designs with pops of neon colors. Sacramento website design utilizes this style to make the webpage feel alive and youthful. Some companies might not want to use such a fun design such as law firms that will want to create a professional atmosphere.

Parallax animation

Animations are probably the most eye-catching design available in web design. Our eyes will instantly follow movement and a website using this design already managed to grab a visitor’s attention. This design uses optical illusions. To give you a good idea of how this works, think about when you are driving down the road. Telephone poles appear to go by faster than trees because they are closer to us. The poles being closer makes them appear to pass us faster because they are more eye-catching than the trees. Website designers can use this style to really grab a visitor’s attention while content will hold them still.


Just think. These are only a few of the designs you can choose from to create your website. Discuss your options with a Sacramento Web Design company for help choosing the best design for your business.