Playtron Receives $10 million in funding for PlaytronOS

Lily Polanco Follow Mar 20, 2024 · 3 mins read
Playtron Receives $10 million in funding for PlaytronOS
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The gaming world is bracing for a potential seismic shift as a new player enters the arena. Playtron, a startup founded by industry veteran Kirt McMaster, has secured $10 million in funding and unveiled ambitious plans to challenge the giants of the gaming industry with a Linux-based operating system called PlaytronOS and a handheld gaming device.

Playtron Lenovo Legion Go Demo by Kirt McMaster

PlaytronOS: A Lightweight Gaming Powerhouse

Playtron is a lightweight, Linux-based operating system optimized for handheld gaming PCs and beyond. According to official materials, it is designed to be compatible with ARM and x86 architectures, enabling it to run on a wide range of devices. The bold promise of PlaytronOS is to allow gamers to “play all their games from every store… Steam, Epic, and more.”

Sean Hollister, a senior editor at The Verge, had an exclusive look at Playtron’s early materials and expressed cautious optimism about the startup’s prospects. The Verge report states that Playtron aims to “challenge Microsoft, Valve, and Apple for the next hundred million gamers.”

The Native Playtron Handheld: A Challenger to the Steam Deck

While PlaytronOS is intended to be compatible with existing handheld gaming PCs, Playtron is also preparing to launch its own native devices. According to The Verge’s exclusive coverage, an official mock-up reveals a 5G-enabled alternative to Valve’s popular Steam Deck family, expected to launch in 2025.

Kirt McMaster, the former CEO and co-founder of CyanogenMod, shared an image of PlaytronOS running on the Lenovo Legion Go, showcasing the operating system’s versatility and compatibility with various hardware platforms.

The Linux Handheld Gaming Ecosystem Heats Up

While Playtron makes waves with its ambitious plans, the Linux community continues to push the boundaries of handheld gaming with projects like ChimeraOS Linux. The latest version, ChimeraOS Linux 45-1, brings improved support for popular handheld devices like the AYANEO and the ROG Ally.

ChimeraOS Linux 45-1 introduces a configuration tweak to enhance Steam download speeds, adds support for various AYANEO models, and enables samba access in the file browser. Additionally, it addresses bug fixes related to input device detection, graphical glitches in Wii games, and suspend/resume issues with certain WiFi modules.

The update highlights the vibrant ecosystem of open-source projects catering to the growing demand for Linux-based handheld gaming experiences.

The Great Debate: ChimeraOS, Bazzite, or PlatronOS?

As the Linux handheld gaming community grows, discussions arise regarding the merits of different operating systems. One such debate surrounds the choice between ChimeraOS and Bazzite.

Bazzite is another Linux-based operating system designed specifically for handheld gaming devices. While details about Bazzite are scarce, its existence adds to the increasing diversity of options available to gamers seeking a tailored Linux experience on their handheld devices.

The competition between these operating systems and the emergence of new players like Playtron signify the rising interest in handheld gaming and the potential for disruption in an industry traditionally dominated by a few major players.

A New Era of Open Innovation

The gaming industry is on the cusp of a potential revolution, driven by the convergence of powerful handheld hardware, open-source software, and a passionate community of developers and enthusiasts.

Playtron’s ambitious vision, coupled with the ongoing efforts of projects like ChimeraOS Linux and Bazzite, underscores the growing demand for open and customizable gaming experiences. As these platforms mature and gain traction, they could potentially reshape the gaming landscape, empowering gamers with unprecedented freedom and choice.

The coming years promise to be an exciting time for handheld gaming, with new players entering the fray and a vibrant ecosystem of open-source projects pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether Playtron succeeds in its audacious goal or not, the gaming world is witnessing a new era of open innovation and disruption, where the barriers to entry are lowered, and the power rests in the hands of passionate developers and gamers alike.

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