Picker, application that helps you choose products based on people’s recommendations

Oct 11, 2020 · 1 min read
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Many times when buying a product we find it difficult to choose the right one due to the variety of models or presentations available in the market.

That’s where Picker comes to the rescue, an application designed to help us make a decision by showing us products suggested by people we follow.

This is how Picker (company founded in 2018 by Enric Gabarró, Daniel Ramos and Conan Moriarty) was projected as an alternative to offer to facilitate the shopping experience of users based on recommendations from influential people, acquaintances or other members belonging to this platform.

It should be noted that at the moment Picker is only available for download in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Spain through the Android and iOS stores

For his part, Enric Gabarró, CEO of Picker and with extensive experience in marketing of influential people said “We live in a world where buying online is an overcrowded experience, good products are hidden under a mountain of garbage”.