Pandomonthly Glitches and All Follow Jan 01, 2021 · 1 min read
Pandomonthly Glitches and All
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In the vast and crowded world of pop culture publishing, few names shine as brightly as Pandomonthly. Since its founding in 2005, Pandomonthly has provided in-depth yet playful coverage spanning the worlds of music, movies, fashion, and more. Through insightful features, irreverent news pieces, and eye-catching visuals, Pandomonthly has firmly established itself as a go-to source for the plugged-in fan. So what exactly is behind this pop culture powerhouse?

While headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Pandomonthly maintains a fiercely bi-coastal presence with additional offices in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. These three hubs position writers and editors at the very pulse points of emerging artists, actors, style icons, and internet stars from both major media centers and underground scenes. Allowing Pandomonthly access to breakout trends, talents, and moments instantly as they ripple across the country.

Yet despite its reach across the U.S., Pandomonthly retains a fiercely independent spirit that defines its voice and focus. Rather than obsess over blockbuster releases or A-list talent like some glossier magazines, Pandomonthly proudly spotlights rising DIY artists, provocative new films, micro-scenes and -genres, and all manifestations of youth and internet culture. They aren’t afraid to get weird. Offbeat listicles, mashup think pieces, even satirical hostile takeovers of other websites all populate its free-wheeling space.

That independent ethos also powers the diverse and dynamic group of writers, photographers, illustrators and more that create Pandomonthly every month. Passionate experts in niche subjects that larger outlets overlook, Pandomonthly contributors inject insight and enthusiasm into coverage often dismissed elsewhere. And behind it all sits founder and Editor-in-Chief Mel Vang, the pastel-haired firestarter whose vision propels Pandomonthly ever forward.

So if you want finger-on-the-pulse reporting powered by indie spirit, make Pandomonthly a monthly must-read. Print issues hit major bookstores monthly while all articles, images, and more populate their wildly popular site Dive in now to soak up breaking bands, box office surprises, street style galleries and much more you simply won’t find anywhere else. Because Pandomonthly understands pop culture isn’t just about standoms and charts. It’s a lifestyle.

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