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Dev-C++, A lightweight C++ IDE to build GCC programs on Windows

Remembering back to tyhe early 2000’s, there was only a handful of alternatives to Visual Studio to build C++ programs. One of them being Dev C++ by, a simple and free I...

In May 08, 2021

50 Bitcoin Forks You Probably Never Heard About

There are several well-known Bitcoin forks and airdrops that you are probably aware of. The most successful being Bitcoin Cash, which is the only likely contender that may overtake Bi...

In May 08, 2021

Austin Surpases Los Angeles in Tech Jobs

With the pandemic and poor decisiions made by local governments, many people are fleeing California in search of favorable conditions. The tech industry has been the most resiliant se...

In May 08, 2021

Chat Bot Ada Support raises $130M

The Chat bot developer Ada Support Inc has raised $130 million in a funding round led by Spark Capital.

In May 08, 2021

Meet the 6 corporations that own most of America's media consumption (infographic)

It’s a natural part of capitalism for small companies to be absorbed by larger ones, sometimes leading to monopolies. This includes television, newspapers, radio, and internet blogs.

In May 08, 2021

Starting a mobile hairdressing business in 2021 and beyond

If you’re working as a hairdresser but you wish to have more time and you’re tired of working for someone else that is taking a big portion of your work, then you should consider star...

In May 04, 2021

Startup Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

Getting your mechanical engineering major should have been a great success for you, and you probably were very excited because you thought you were going to get an excellent job.

In May 02, 2021

To Outsource or Not to Outsource – a Guide for Startups

The single biggest challenge any startup entrepreneur faces is not being born an octopus. As a human, entrepreneurs have just two hands, and even fewer brains. Yet, startup entreprene...

In May 01, 2021

Is Norway Ahead in European E-commerce?

Norway is a relatively small country in Europe, so it may not be the center of attention for international business headlines. What they are known for is being a large oil exporter an...

In May 01, 2021

Advice to Offline Businesses Affected by Covid-19 from a Global Ecommerce Platform

Something of a statement of the obvious to say that it is extremely troubling time for local shops, restaurants, hospitality businesses. SimpleShop has been helping a large volume of ...

In May 01, 2021