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What Is Liability, And How Can It Hurt Your Business?

If you’re a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep your customers and employees safe. That means taking every possible precaution in your products, policies, and facility.

In Oct 27, 2020

Sources: TikTok rival Triller is raising ~$250M, having secured ~$100M so far at a $1.25B valuation

A rival to TikTok, Triller, is skyrocketing in venture capital, proving that the platform is not unbeatable.

In Oct 13, 2020

Microsoft announces that it is working with several nonprofits and advocacy organizations to make AI systems more inclusive of people with disabilitie

AI-based tools like computer vision and voice interfaces are key for people with disabilities to interact with technology. AI algorithms marketed towards this group are unfortunately ...

In Oct 13, 2020

Facebook says its new policy that bans the denial or distortion of the Holocaust does not apply to other genocides, Causing mass outrage on Twitter

According to Facebook’s official announcement, the company will ban posts that deny the Holocaust. While this itself seems fine, they will not extend this to apply to other horrific g...

In Oct 13, 2020