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Zephr, a London startup that offers a no-code tool publishers can use to increase subscription revenue, raises $8M

Zephr, a technology platform that assists media companies in increasing their subscription income, has closed an eight million dollar round, led by Bertelsmann Digital Media Investmen...

In Dec 05, 2020

Digital health startup Everlywell has raised $175M Series D

Everlywell digital health startup has raised a Series D funding round of $175 million, following relatively quickly on the heels of a Series C round of $25 million that closed in Febr...

In Dec 04, 2020

U.S. Sues Google for Abusing Its Position Against Competitors

The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday filed an antitrust suit against Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent company, which it accuses of violating the law by abusing its dominant market posi...

In Dec 04, 2020

Google News Will Allow Free Access to Articles Protected by Paid Walls

Have you entered a news portal, where the content is partially protected? This is known as a “paying wall”, a commercial strategy applied by many media to make the content they genera...

In Dec 03, 2020

The Importance of Having an Adequate Security System

A good security system for one’s home or business is a no brainer to prevent theft and property damage.

In Dec 03, 2020

Salesforce announces it’s buying Slack

Salesforce announced yesterday the purchase of Slack, the workplace instant messaging company, for $27.7 billion in a cash and stock offering. Its goal is to outperform Microsoft in t...

In Dec 01, 2020

South Summit seeks the 100 most innovative startups in the world

South Summit, the global platform for innovation and high-value connections among key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, has just opened the registration period for its Startup...

In Dec 01, 2020

Apple fined in Europe for misleading water resistance claims

The technology giant Apple will have to pay a 10 million euro fine for misleading advertising with its iPhone, selling it as waterproof but not clarifying the limits that such resista...

In Dec 01, 2020


Neuromobile is a pioneering big data company from Murcia, Spain. Sinc in the use of big data applied to the knowledge and prediction of customer behavior in large shopping malls, laun...

In Dec 01, 2020

Kulto Project, from garden to house

Kulto Project is a startup that puts technology at the service of small farmers to support local consumption, reduce carbon footprint and boost organic food and sustainable production.

In Nov 24, 2020