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Electrostatic Disinfection May Be How Small Businesses Survive the New Normal

With Covid-19 disrupting businesses around the world, there’s a huge demand for improvement in the world of disinfection technology. In particular, indoor venues or offices that norma...

In Feb 03, 2021

Boston Dynamics has a new robot arm

Boston Dynamics, the well-known company specialized in robotics, now in the hands of Hyundai, will not stop surprising us. Fulfilling the promise, made months ago, to integrate a robo...

In Feb 03, 2021

Australia proposes to create a publicly owned search engine if Google leaves the country

A couple of weeks ago we commented on Google’s situation in Australia, which has the Internet search giant with one foot out of the country. Alphabet’s flagship product threatened to ...

In Feb 03, 2021

Jeff Bezos will no longer be the CEO of Amazon

A surprise change at Amazon. Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon after 27 years in that position.

In Feb 02, 2021

A look at BiliBili, the Youtube for China

With Youtube being blocked by the great firewall of China, BiliBili is one of the main alternatives for domestic users. And since Alibaba and Tencent are getting on-board, it may grow...

In Jan 29, 2021

Y Combinator and 500 Startups, the best accelerators for startups

Worldwide entrepreneurs operate in an ecosystem that is often plagued by obstacles that prevent the emergence of their startups and growth beyond the borders of their respective count...

In Jan 28, 2021

Twitter Launches BirdWatch to fight fake news

Twitter continues to fight against the spread of fake news, and this time it does so through a new tool that wants to count on the help of users to detect and report this type of cont...

In Jan 27, 2021

Robinhood says due to “recent volatility” it is restricting trading for certain stocks

Several brokerages, including Robinhood, have announced the suspension of trading in several stocks due to unprecedented volume and irregular prices.

In Jan 27, 2021

Popular Web Designs To Use For Your Website

 There are so many websites out there and each one has its own unique style. Underneath the color schemes and images, there is a basic design. If you are thinking about creating ...

In Jan 27, 2021

Google Cloud launches BeyondCorp Enterprise, a security solution for enterprises

The technology giant Google has just announced a new technological suite of security solutions that will protect browser-based apps and cloud services.

In Jan 27, 2021