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Veritone launches to allow celebrities to license their own deepfakes

Instead of fearing deepfakes taking over the web, Veritone sees it as an opportunity for famous people to cash in on. The Platform will give celebrities, internet influencer...

In May 15, 2021

Ai Processor Startup Mythic Raises $70m Series C

Mythic, an Austin-based company producing AI specialized processors, announced that they raised $70 million in a series C round of funding to add more employees to the company. It’s e...

In May 15, 2021

Amazon Launches Minitv, a Free Video Streaming Service for India

With Prime Video being such a success in Western markets, Amazon is now testing the waters in India with MiniTv. Rather than launching a paid subscription service, they will be stream...

In May 15, 2021

Liquid Death, the canned water endorsed by celebrities, raises $15 million with Live Nation Entertainment

Would you invest in a company producing canned sparklinkg water? Well, since this drink has been endorsed by celebrities like Tony Hawk or Wiz Khalifa, it may be going places.

In May 14, 2021

Salted raises $9 million for their Quick Service Restaurant platform

Founded by Jeff Appelbaum, Salted is reviving the restaurant industry by creating the most prominent “Quick Service Restaurant” platform to bring digital accesibility to small restaur...

In May 12, 2021

Valmont to acquire the Isreali crop monitoring startup Prospera Technologies

There is great potential for the future of agriculture being embedded with IoT devices. Seeing how billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are buying farm land, there is lot of mo...

In May 09, 2021

Florence Healthcare Raises $80 million in a Series C

Florence Healthcare creates software to help physicians manage and automate their research paperwork, unloading manpower needed to get drugs into the market.

In May 09, 2021

Dogecoin Tanks after inappropriate comments by Elon Musk on SNL

Dogecoin plummeted since last night as Elon Musk’s attitude towards the cryptocurrency may make investors lose faith. This comes at a time when the meme-based currency hit an all-time...

In May 09, 2021

Using PayPal for Twitter's Tip Jar may reveal email addresses

It looks like vulnerable journalists that rely on Twitter tips could be in danger as every transaction could leak their email address.

In May 08, 2021

What is MINIX and Why is It Included in the Intel Management Engine?

The Intel Management Engine has been a motherboard component that had remained under the radar in until recent years. Since 2008, it was available to most motherboards as a removable ...

In May 08, 2021