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A platform that helps you assemble a computer piece by piece

Setting up a computer from scratch is an adventure, as it allows you to build a workstation that is tailored to the particular needs of its user. However, this could prove to be a com...

In Dec 25, 2020

China’s market regulator announces an antitrust investigation into Alibaba

China has opened an antitrust investigation into Alibaba. Chinese regulators have stepped up their scrutiny of the powerful tech empire built by Jack Ma. What’s happening and how riva...

In Dec 25, 2020

Uniontech Software, a Chinese startup that makes Linux-based operating systems, raises $168.2M

China had never really been notorious for operating system development up until recently, now that the country is looking to break free from Western tech.

In Dec 25, 2020

Tencent-backed Meishubao Education, a Chinese startup providing online art classes to users aged 3 to 18, has raised $210M Series D

Meishubao Education is a Tencent-related Chinese firm that offers a highly popular educational art software suite. The company disclosed on Thursday the completion of a Series D round...

In Dec 25, 2020

Telegram Now Has Voice Chat

The Telegram instant messaging app has just launched a new update that will include voice chats, a way of conversation that participants in a group can join and that works in parallel...

In Dec 25, 2020

A Web App to Monitor Countries Keeping up with the Covid-19 Vaccine

After months of experimentation and adjustments in the development of Covid-19 vaccines, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be visible. This is because some of them have alre...

In Dec 25, 2020

Apple works in its own autonomous vehicle

The technological giant Apple is going to join the trend of autonomous vehicles, as it plans to launch its own car for three years, in 2024.

In Dec 25, 2020

Discoverify: An Enhanced Way to Discover Music on Spotify

Spotify’s algorithm stands out for the accuracy of its music recommendations, which can be found mainly through the Weekly Discovery lists or the Daily Mixes.

In Dec 25, 2020

Mozper closes 3.55 million dollars seed round

Mozper, the debit card and application designed for children and parents in Latin America, announces the closing of a $3.55 million seed round, led by Hetz Ventures with participation...

In Dec 22, 2020

Apartment List, a rental service that earns a fee only when a property is rented, raises $50M

With the the post-pandemic world devastating both renters and landlords alike, Apartment List is an aspiring startup looking to take take away initial fees normally found on real-esta...

In Dec 21, 2020