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Considering Startup Funding?

Before applying for small business funding, it is important for an entrepreneur to clarify all the details about the type of business they are starting and what their needs will be. C...

In Apr 18, 2009

Understanding kred klout digital influence

Over the past several years, lots of people have been excited or confused by what has apparently been all the rage and has become the standard of measurement: digital influence. This ...

In Apr 16, 2009

Hotelicopter Takes Flight Today. In Search.

April Fools day was an entire week ago, but we’re still learning of some of the hoaxes that we fell for on the 1st of the month. Remember that photo of a giant helicopter that doubled...

In Apr 09, 2009

YouTube and Mobile, for Many More Birthdays to Come

YouTube has reached 2 billion downloads a day, marking an amazing milestone for the user-generated video sharing site. The announcement from YouTube came as the company was celebratin...

In Mar 09, 2009

Gary V Obsessed TV

I often feel like Google and Facebook are battling to take over the world while Gary Vaynerchuk is slowly and steadily trying to take over anything related to a video camera.

In Feb 26, 2009

Your Guide to Procuring Venture Capital Funds

A business venture can be funded in a number of ways, including your own private capital, “blood money” (money borrowed from family and friends), a small business association loan or ...

In Feb 23, 2009

All About Business Partnerships

Most businesses form long-term relationships with customers and other businesses that yield mutually beneficial win-win results. In today’s business, several factors necessitate the n...

In Feb 18, 2009

Chris Shipley Passes DEMO Baton to Matt Marshall

Shot at Graphing Social Patterns

In Feb 09, 2009

IAC Acquires UrbanSpoon

I first discovered UrbanSpoon when the Apple App store launched. It was the first app I downloaded for my phone and continues to be one of my most used. It uses the GPS but also lets ...

In Feb 09, 2009

Palm Pre Debuts June 6th

by Michelle Lentz

In Feb 09, 2009