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What ever happened to the SolSource solar cooker backed by Mark Cuban?

SolSource (made by One Earth Designs) is a solar powered stove that seemed promising to both investors and consumers. It certainly isn’t the first to hit the market, and many people m...

In May 29, 2021

Latvian Startup Printful Raises $130m, Achieving Unicorn Status

The Latvian tech startup Printful has reached unicorn status after raising a whopping $130 million in funding thanks to Bregal Sagemount. This now puts their value well over $1 billio...

In May 28, 2021

Fintech Startup MotoRefi Raises $45M From Goldman Sachs

MotoRefi is a leading auto refinancing platform that handles the entire loan process for end users. Since they work directly with lending institutions, users can save more money using...

In May 28, 2021

Blockchain company Chia raises $61 million

The creator of Bram Cohen, the creator of the BitTorrent protocol, also went on into a cryptocurrency venture known as Chia. This new platform makes it easier to exchange smart transa...

In May 24, 2021

Israeli IoT Security Startup Cynerio raises $30m

As IoT is being an integral part of a significant portion of the world, from the Kitchen to public infrastructure, hackers are stepping up their game. The Israeli Cybersecurity firm C...

In May 23, 2021

ProducePay raises $43M Series C

ProducePay is a fintech-like startup has created a commodity exchange to keep tracks of the prices of fruits and vegetables.

In May 22, 2021

Informed.IQ Raises $20M in Series A Round

Informed.IQ is a startup that utilizes machine learning to verify networth, income, and other key information about consumers to produce key information for lenders. Banks offering cr...

In May 22, 2021

TaniHub, an Indonesian agritech startup, raises $65m in Series B

Agritech is in high-demand worldwide with venture capital coming from the richest investment firms. TaniHub is a leader of the pack in SouthEast Asia, and in a recent round of funding...

In May 21, 2021

Esper Raises $30m Series B for Iot DevOps

Esper is one of the leading startups in IoT DevOps, and they recently gained an additional $30 million in venture capital. This is all thanks to Scale Venture Partners, Madrona Ventur...

In May 21, 2021

EU Car Platform Virtuo raises $96M

Based out of Paris, Virtuo is a startup that looks to take on the expensive and highly-competitive car market in Europe. They’ve built an streamlined platform that allows for short an...

In May 20, 2021