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All About Business Partnerships

Most businesses form long-term relationships with customers and other businesses that yield mutually beneficial win-win results. In today’s business, several factors necessitate the n...

In Feb 18, 2009

Chris Shipley Passes DEMO Baton to Matt Marshall

Shot at Graphing Social Patterns

In Feb 09, 2009

IAC Acquires UrbanSpoon

I first discovered UrbanSpoon when the Apple App store launched. It was the first app I downloaded for my phone and continues to be one of my most used. It uses the GPS but also lets ...

In Feb 09, 2009

Palm Pre Debuts June 6th

by Michelle Lentz

In Feb 09, 2009

Simple Steps to Succeeding in Your Startup Business

How many times have you had an idea for a product or service that you feel would be an ideal candidate for a startup business? It turns out that many great business ideas are not acte...

In Feb 07, 2009

Gary V’s new venture: Obsessed TV

I often feel like Google and Facebook are battling to take over the world while Gary Vaynerchuk is slowly and steadily trying to take over anything related to a video camera.

In Feb 01, 2009

Your Netbook and You

The Register is reporting today that Michael Dell doesn’t think you’ll like your little netbook.

In Jan 17, 2009

Creative Founder Financing

Our guest blogger, Larry Chiang, is an instructive humorist. If you liked 9 VC’s You’re Gonna Want To Avoid, you’ll like this submission on some all-important credit management for en...

In Jan 17, 2009

Windows Developer Camp for Upcoming Mobile Platform 6.5 OS

Everyone loves BarCamp-esque events, and for those of you developers out there that are dying to get your hands on the upcoming Microsoft Windows Mobile platform 6.5 OS, you’ll be int...

In Jan 09, 2009

Sharing Content 140 Characters at a Time

There is that classic saying that we have heard countless times, “Content is King”, and it truly IS on the Internet. Content on the Internet informs, entertains, and gains users for u...

In Jan 09, 2009