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Tweet This: Techmeme Sources Twitter for Story Tips

Gabe Rivera continues to humanize TechMeme, his news sourcing and aggregation dashboard with the inclusion of Twitter tips. Previously, he announced the hiring of Megan McCarthy as ed...

In Nov 09, 2009

Twitter News All Over

by Michelle Lentz

In Nov 09, 2009

Startup Diaries: Landscaping

Years of neglect took their toll on the lawn and shrubs. The azalea bushes which bloomed beautiful red flowers were dying. Vine-like weeds strangled them and robbed the roots of water...

In Nov 07, 2009

After A Decade of “Human Circuitry”, Gnomedex Says It’s Time To Call It Quits

In Nov 05, 2009

Remember the Facebook Friend Wheel?

Thanks to a Facebook Application called Friend Wheel, I could generate the visualization pictured above of my 9000+ Facebook friends (and still growing). It was kinda fun to look at; ...

In Oct 24, 2009

Five Free to Low Cost Online Marketing Ideas to Help You Grow Your Business

A tough task for any small business owner is trying to promote your business with big impact – but on a small budget.

In Oct 24, 2009

Creative Business Ideas With Little To No Cost

If you're a creative person and you're not using that creativity to make a're making a mistake.

In Oct 24, 2009

Creative Ways to Bootstrap a Startup Company

Without heavy venture capital investments, the main goal of a startup is almost always to successfully bootstrap their finances. Most people who are familiar with the term “bootstrap”...

In Aug 09, 2009

FriendFeed Appeals to the A-List and the Entire Alphabet-List

In case you missed it, Louis Gray recently renewed the fervor over FriendFeed by publishing a list of “elite” bloggers that were using FriendFeed. Very clever

In Aug 01, 2009

Google Buzz Improves Socially, but Not Enough

Google Buzz had a few issues to work out when first launching earlier this year, namely the apparent violation of privacy with automated following of contacts already added through yo...

In May 16, 2009