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What Venture Capitalists Want to Hear

Venture capital is money that is privately given by outside investors (also known as venture capitalists) to finance a new business that shows great potential in becoming something bi...

In Jan 01, 2008

Web 2.0 Summit: Ron Conway on Advice for Startups

By Alison McNeill

In Nov 17, 2007

Myspace Grand Opening, San Francisco is Now a Place for Friends Too

I’m trying to catch up on a few posts that I still think are worth sharing. Hey, if nothing else, the pictures are worth a look – if I do say so myself.

In Nov 09, 2007

Girls in Tech: Women of Venture Capital

Porter Novelli’s stylish South Park office hosted last night’s Girls in Tech event. The organization, founded by the equally stylish LaurieAnne Lassek and’ own Adriana G...

In Nov 06, 2007

Should You Incorporate Your Small Business or Be a Sole Proprietor?

The legal formation of a business is a critical decision that needs to be made when you first startup your business. It doesn’t mean you can’t change the legal form of the business do...

In Oct 24, 2007

Finding Just the Right Marketing Idea for Small Business Growth Can Be Confusing.

There are good ideas and bad ideas. Listen to most people and you'll get the bad ideas (because they don't know marketing and how it really works)

In Oct 24, 2007

French Tuesdays in San Francisco

Until recently, you may not have heard of French Tuesdays as they just recently started offering their parties in San Francisco. Their Grand Opening was held in March at the Supper Cl...

In Feb 05, 2007

What Microsoft Should’ve Done About Yahoo (old)

While on the subway heading back to Brooklyn - I had gone to see Iron Man at Union Square, it was great - I was thinking about Microsoft. I was trying to imagine what exactly Microsof...

In Jan 24, 2007

Jeff Bezos on persistence, patience, & customer focus

Of the many reasons to admire Jeff Bezos, top billing goes to his unwavering long term vision. Here’s some quotes from this NY Times article contrasting Amazon and eBay:

In Jan 24, 2007