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Windows Developer Camp for Upcoming Mobile Platform 6.5 OS

Everyone loves BarCamp-esque events, and for those of you developers out there that are dying to get your hands on the upcoming Microsoft Windows Mobile platform 6.5 OS, you’ll be int...

In Jan 09, 2009

Sharing Content 140 Characters at a Time

There is that classic saying that we have heard countless times, “Content is King”, and it truly IS on the Internet. Content on the Internet informs, entertains, and gains users for u...

In Jan 09, 2009

Twitter People Search is Back

How many times have you clicked that Find People link at the top of Twitter, only to be rebuffed by a “This is not active/working” type of message? I’ve clicked it repeatedly, only to...

In Dec 23, 2008

BlogHer Grabs an Additional $7M in Funding

I’m a big fan of BlogHer and I’m speaking on a panel at their Chicago conference this summer. So I was thrilled to hear that the organization “for women who blog” has grabbed a third ...

In Nov 09, 2008

Share Everything with ShareThis

I love visiting the offices of a startup. Last week, I was lucky enough to visit the offices of ShareThis and of PhoTrade. Both are based in Cincinnati, OH, and in both offices, the e...

In Nov 01, 2008

Create Your Own Microblogging Community With Twingr

by Jacob Morgan

In Jul 05, 2008

CES Day Two

What a whirlwind 24 hours.

In Apr 16, 2008

How To Start an Internet Business

Sick of working for someone else and start a business online? Or do you already have a business...but you're wondering how to sell on the internet? Read on...

In Mar 24, 2008

Robert Scoble Leaves FastCompany to Write Next Life Chapter

Last night during a small, but memorable dinner, we all wondered who would leak the news, Robert Scoble was leaving FastCompany. The story is live on TechCrunch right now and accordin...

In Mar 09, 2008

Venture Capital Financing

Financing a business is the one major stumbling block that may kill off even the brightest of ideas, access to capital is a critical ingredient for any business project to see the lig...

In Feb 12, 2008